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When you are looking at the engine from the front of the car...It is on the right side of the valve cover. It has a tube that goes down to your intake. It will need a wrench about 3/4" or so. It will unscrew from the cover. Good luck! July24/05

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Q: How do you locate the PCV valve on a 2000 Chrysler-Plymouth Neon 2.0L OHC?
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Is the PCV valve grommet on a 2000 dodge neon supposed to come out?


Where is the TCC solenoid in a 2000 dodge neon?

Inside the transmission, on the valve body.

Where is heater control valve located on a 2000 dodge neon?

A dodge neon does not have a heater valve. The inside temp is adjusted with an airflow control door inside the dash.

Where can you get a check valve for a 2000 plymouth neon?

Your local Chrysler dealer would be the place to check.

Where is the modular in the 2000 Plymouth Neon transmission?

If you are looking for a modulator valve, it does not have one. Dodge does not use them.

Oil in the spark plug hole on a 2000 dodge neon how do you fix it?

the seal on the valve cover needs to be replaced. my 2000 neon had the same problem. I replaced the seals in the valve cover and it fixed the problem. The kit came with the seals for the spark plugs.

How do you replace the PCV valve on a 2000 Dodge Neon?

Attached to the valve cover is a hose on the driver side. Unscrew the nut closest to the valve cover and that is the PCV valve. It is a straight PCV valve, not the elbow shape you may be looking for.

Will a 2001 dodge neon motor work in a 2000 neon?

no a 2001 dodge neon motor will not work in a 2000 neon

Do you have to reset check engine light after you replace valve cover gasket on a 2000 dodge neon?

If the light is on, it will need checked and diagnosed.

Where is the EGR valve on 2002 dodge neon?

Doesn't exist on an 02 neon

His there any damage to the motor or valve's if timing belt breaks while engine was running on a 2000 dodge neon?

It is about 50% possible for the valves to hit the head on a Neon. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

Is a 2000 neon OBD or OBDII?

The 2000 Dodge Neon is a OBD 2 port

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