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Well, just like on any car, you get the manual for the car. If you get a good manual, i recommend" CHILTONS "brand, then it will tell you how to take out the motor and replace it.

you can also look at the roof of the car from inside and if you see a bulge then there it is...

also you take the car in to the manufacturer this is your local Lincoln dealer, and they will show you...

Personally, I would reccommend staying away from the Haynes/Chiltons manuals for anything more than oil changes and such as that as they cover too many models and years to really get specific about your year. I would suggest getting a manual from or going on eBay and searching for used paper ones or getting a manual on CD for your year and model of car. It gets down to every last nut and bolt along with part #'s for replacements. As to how to get to the motor, it should be inside a hump in the ceiling right above the middle seating position in the rear seat.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:13:10
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Q: How do you locate the moon roof motor on a 1994 Lincoln?
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