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Click on the wheel in the top right hand corner of the screen, click account, and then click log out.

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Q: How do you log out of draw something?
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How do I log into draw some thing if I don't even have a password?

If you need a password to log onto a site or into a network and you do not have then you cannot log in and you cannot draw something

How do you find out what your draw something password is when the email won't work?

If you log out of Draw Something on your device, and then attempt to log back it, there will be a "forgot password" link that you can use to have your password mailed to you. ... If you put in a fake email address, then you will need to contact the makers of the game. See the related link for the Draw Something support page below.

Draw a log cabin?

when you draw a log cabin first draw a house than start adding logs every where this is one i drew.

How do you get a profile picture on draw something?

You can't you haveto log in on Facebook and it's your profile picture that comes up

How do you put a pic on draw something?

I think to have a profile pic on draw Something you need to be logged in on a Facebook account. I'm pretty sure the pic is your profile pic

Is there a site on how to draw Log cabin building plans? I used this to draw a cabin for school.

How do you download draw something?

You can download Draw Something from the iPhone or Android app stores.

How do you draw a diagram showing the motion of a satellite around earth label the forces acting on the satellite is the satellite accelerating?

You get something to draw with and something to draw on and DRAW

What should you draw when you are bored?

Draw a circle

How do you change your profile on draw something?

Go in to draw something frees settings and click account

What can you draw for a whole week?

Grab a piece of paper and draw something like what you dream of or something

Does the app Draw Something work without wifi?

From what i hear, draw something does not require wifi.

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