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You can get diseases from handling a wild mouse. If you have children, your kids are more susceptible to catch diseases because their immune system is not as strong as ours. Examples from a BU study include: * Argentine hemorrhagic fever * Bolivian hemorrhagic fever * Endemic typhus * Francisella tularensis * Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome * Helicobacter cinaedi * Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome * Hymenolepsis diminuta * Hymenolepsis nana * Lassa fever * Leptospirosis * Listeriosis * Lymphocytic choriomeningitis * Ornithonyssus bacoti-induced dermatitis * Plague * Rabies * Rickettsialpox * Salmonellosis * Spirillum minus * Streptobacillus moniliformis * Tick-borne relapsing fever * Trichophyton mentagrophytes * Venezuelan hemmorhagic fever * Yersinia enterocolitica Here is more input: * Boy, did you ever bring back memories for me. When I was 38 years old there was some land being cleared across the street. As my husband and I were walking along we heard this little squeak and I looked down and saw a baby mouse (my husband still says it was a white rat. LOL) and it had hardly any hair on it although it's little eyes were open. Well, I'm soft-hearted and I brought it home. I fed it warm milk with a little honey (just a tad) and soaked strong paper toweling in the milk and fed it approx. 1/2 hour all day and even into the night. I put some cotton in a box and put it in a larger box and kept a good eye on the little guy with some wood chips to poop in and I kept it clean and changed it every day. My intentions were to let it mature and then take it down to my mother-in-law's field and let it go. Yeah right! This little sweet mouse (or rat) grew up faster than I thought and chewed a hole through the large cardboard box and reeked havoc in my house by chewing the electrical wiring from behind my stove, chewed some of my shoes, the edges of my carpets, etc. We tried catching him several times with no luck. Even our dog at the time had become friends with it! LOL So, I got the bright idea to get some cheese. I put a tiny spec near the back of the stove, then a little larger piece a bit further away and then the "big mama" hunk in the middle of the kitchen floor. Well! That mouse was furious that I put the best part of the cheese in the middle of the floor, but he got it. What happened? He just got fat! He was so fat he practically rolled where he went, so it was easy to corner him by the front door and I grabbed him (had electrical wire gloves on) and got him down to the field. Thought you might enjoy that story and yes, you can do the same thing, but don't be stupid like me and put it in a cage until it's old enough to get out in a field. * You can take it in and feed it what you would feed a pet mice. They will probably not live as long because they are use tof running in the wild and eating grass but whats the difference they will die outside. * Leave the babies with their mom and pretend there not even there because if you touch with them then you might accidentally kill them! take it easy and slow and try not to frighten them. you can feed the mama mouse pretty much anything, except for, Oreo cookies and also never feed them milk because milk has a bad ingredient that will surely kill the poor mice a just stay calm! I've also heard you can feed them carrots and or apples

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Q: How do you look after a wild mouse?
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How should you look after a wild mouse?

Let wild animals live in the wild.

If you put a wild mouse with a tame mouse will the wild one become more tame?

The mice are very likely to fight and kill each other. Also, the wild mouse could have diseases which it could pass on to the tame mouse.

When was Wild Mouse - Pleasure Beach Blackpool - created?

Wild Mouse - Pleasure Beach Blackpool - was created in 1958.

How do you catch a wild mouse?

pot food in a trap for the mouse

How can you care for a wild mouse?

peanut butter and a mouse trap....

Will the mother mouse abandon the babies if you touch them?

If the mouse is a pet mouse and not a wild mouse, no. The pet mouse will not have the fear of human scent.

Is it okay to handle a wild mouse?

The fact that you could even catch a wild mouse/rat causes me to be concerned as to what is wrong with it! Rabies....some other horrid disease? So, no, it is not ok to handle a wild mouse.

What is the duration of Wild Mouse Pleasure Beach Blackpool?

The duration of Wild Mouse - Pleasure Beach Blackpool - is 60.0 seconds.

How often do you feed a wild baby mouse?

it depends what type of mouse it is

Can a wild mouse be tamed?

A wild mouse can be tamed by spending time with it and forming a bond. Wild animals are the same as their domesticated cousins but have been around humans for generations.

Should you catch a wild field mouse and keep it?

No, wild animals belong in the wild.

Is a wild mouse smarter than a domestic mouse?

In my opinion a domestic mouse is smarter. A wid mouse might be smarter with survival insitincts, but a domestic mouse is better with tricks and figuring things out. A wild mouse is resourseful, though a domestic mouse makes a great companion. If you are planning to get a pet mouse, do youre own research. anyway, thanks!! :)

How can you take care of a wild mouse?

Do not take care of wild animals.

Is mouse a wild animal?

Mice may be either wild or domestic.

If a pet mouse mates with a wild mouse do the babies come ouyt disiesd?

Hello. My pet mouse bred with a wild mouse, she had 11 gourgous babies, but they all died after about 6 months. We believe they had a disese passed on from the father.

Can you adopt a wild mouse?

you can if you like

How can you tell if a mouse is wild?

It is purple

Do wild rabbits eat mouse?


You just saved a house mouse what should you do?

a wild undomesticated mouse will stay wild, so i recommend releasing it outside away from your house

What do wild baby mice drink?

Wild mama mouse milk. lol

What do young wild mice eat I found a young injured wild mouse What does it eat and how do I feed it?

There are many things you could feed a wild mouse. You could feed it alfalfa and see if it will eat it.

How do you know a wild mouse is dying?

If the mouse is not active and its eyes appear to be squinted the mouse is becoming weak and could be dying.

What do wild mouse drink?

what is a butt head?

Can you keep a wild baby mouse as a pet or does it have to go back into the wild?

I have had alot of wild mice as pets and they have loved it so I don't see anything wrong with it You really should not release a hand raised mouse back into the wild. They rarely survive. They are very happy as pets, even if they are alone. Wild Mice are perfectly fine for having as pets! If you orphan them look up a good formula to feed them though :D

How long does a wild mouse live?

Wild mice usually live about 6 months.

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