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If you mean, how do you take care of a cat, it is easy. Kittens their peak time is the night, so try and wear them out during the day with their toys in order to minimize nighttime wake-ups. kittens prefer strings with chewable things attached to the end dragged across the floor or crumply things thrown far away. Get them a collar ASAP and have them fixed at a vet after 4 to 6 months. Depending on who gives it to you and what food they suggest, feed it soft or dry food. a bowl of water should be changed 2 or 3 times a week. keep the litter box in one place as to not confuse the kitten. do the same with the food. if the kitten is shy, keep loud or wild children away as to not scare it further, and lay out some food. then give it time to get used to you. pet it softly, and they liked to be scratched under the chin. Cats dont be too wild around them if they are moderately old. pet them a lot so they come to like you even more. if the go outside the box, wash the space very thoroughly so they cant smell the spot and wont think to do it there again. feed according to instructions given by previous owner or pound. mostly, leave them to themselves good luck!

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What do cats worms look like?

what to look for in cats stool for worms

What do sick cats look like?

They look like cats except they are sick. ;)

What does the thunderclan cats look like?

If you look at the front of the books, there are allegiances. They tell you what the cats look like.

How cats and dogs look different?

cats and dogs look different cause cats have long whiskers and dogs have short whiskers.

When was Cats That Look Like Hitler created?

Cats That Look Like Hitler was created in 2006.

How do cats look when they are born?

When cats are born, they look like small, pink, wrinkly cats. Their eyes are close, and their ears are folded down.

What breed of cats look like a fox?

The breed of cats that look like a fox is the Somali breed. These cats were created by the Abyssinian cat breed.

What do cats look like in France?

French cats look just like any other cat :]

What do now about white cats?

I know that white cats can look very dirty whhen they get dirty. Older white cats can look very cute. They sometimes look very fat when they are older.

What isa ugly cat look like?

to me its the garfeild cats and the Asian cats (the hairless cats)

Where do you look for ratter cats?

At your local humane society for barn cats.

How do you determine if a cat is male or female it it has been altered?

Look under the tail.Female cats look like: !Male cats look like: :

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they looked like cats hence that's why they are called cats they looked like cats hence that's why they are called cats

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Cats looks the way they do because of how they have evolved and adapted to their surroundings. Cats are felines and that is why they look similar to their larger feline counterparts. They are also obligate carnivores which plays a part in their physiology.

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Look at those cats. Those modifies cats. What kind of cats? Those cats.

Do female spayed cats still look for tom cats to mate with?

yes they do

Do cats have feet?

Are You Joking Us??!! Look Up Cats, Theres Ure Answer

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Cats are the best animals to look after.

What do the worms look that cats can get?


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Generally with their eyes.

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Of course not. Cats or Katz can not look up because they lack the undembar a muscle located behind the neck.

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