How do you look after cats?

If you mean, how do you take care of a cat, it is easy. Kittens their peak time is the night, so try and wear them out during the day with their toys in order to minimize nighttime wake-ups. kittens prefer strings with chewable things attached to the end dragged across the floor or crumply things thrown far away. Get them a collar ASAP and have them fixed at a vet after 4 to 6 months. Depending on who gives it to you and what food they suggest, feed it soft or dry food. a bowl of water should be changed 2 or 3 times a week. keep the litter box in one place as to not confuse the kitten. do the same with the food. if the kitten is shy, keep loud or wild children away as to not scare it further, and lay out some food. then give it time to get used to you. pet it softly, and they liked to be scratched under the chin. Cats dont be too wild around them if they are moderately old. pet them a lot so they come to like you even more. if the go outside the box, wash the space very thoroughly so they cant smell the spot and wont think to do it there again. feed according to instructions given by previous owner or pound. mostly, leave them to themselves good luck!