How do you look like wendall the walrus on animal crossing?

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You Cannot look like any of the other animals. You stay as a person. You can buy a hat and dress to dress up like an animal but you cannot be an animal. Sorry!
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On Animal Crossing wild world how do you choose what you look like in the cab?

you can get different faces depending on how you answer questions.. this is a great guide to use if you want a specific face: you can change your hair style and hair color later in the game when your town shop has been upgraded to nookingtons.

What does a pacific walrus look like?

They are about 1 ton. (2000lbs) They are covered with wrinkly, blubbery skin. They have long ivory tusk sticking out of their mouth. They are very big and strong and can be dangerous. I hope I helped! I am doing a report on walrus so I know alot!! They are very intresting. we dont need to know if th ( Full Answer )

What did the cross of Jesus look like?

In Bible times, crucifixion involved the fastening of an individualto a cross. These crosses, like that of Jesus Christ, consisted ofone long wooden beam, with a shorter beam fastened to itperpendicularly close to the top.

What did the cross look like?

The standard Latin crucifix has an upright wooden post and a crosspiece that is closer to the top of the vertical post to which thevictims arms are nailed. The earliest descriptions of the cross onwhich Jesus was crucified compared it to a lowercase t. There is,however, some debate as to the actual ( Full Answer )

When does Wendell the Walrus come in animal crossing wild world?

Sadly, he only comes on weekdays so never look on Saturday or on Sundays. It's no use. You won't find him at 6:00 AM or earlier. When you find him it is best to feed him a red turnip and he will either give you a turban or country guitar.

What constellation looks like a cross?

The constellation known as the Southern Cross or Crux looks like a cross. It is composed of four main stars and one minor star, and is visible throughout the southern hemisphere and the lower latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

What does a Christian cross look like?

The cross as a symbol of worship has been in use since early Babylonian times. It came be seen in the wall paintings of ancient Egypt as the Crux ansate and has carried on historically in use by the vestal virgins of pagan Rome. Roman "Christianity" adopted it as a symbol about 300 years after the d ( Full Answer )

What does a dihybrid cross look like?

A dihybrid cross has the possible gamete combinations of one parent across the top, and those of the other parent down the side. The possible allele combinations for the offspring are then filled into the middle of the square. For example, the punnett square for the dihybrid cross RrDd X RrDd is ( Full Answer )

What do walrus tusks look like?

They are long(can grow to 6 feet!)and white. Though sometimes their tusks can break in a fight. The tusks are actually teeth.

What did the cross of Constantine look like?

I was told to come outside we have something to show you. In the night sky appeared a massive cross after I was told Eric these signs are for you only leave your gadgets behind .... I found out that Constatine was shown and told the same ..

What does Sahara look like on Animal Crossing?

Sahara is a camel that has a backpack on her back. She will tell you that she has lost her map and will ask you to make deliverys for her. If you help her, depending on the town, she will give you either a carpet or a wallpaper. Either are both very rare and you can sell them for lots of money.

On Animal Crossing how do you change your looks?

if you have a Nintendo WII then go to the city and go the shampoodle and ask the lady who works there for a make over and she will change your looks into your Nintendo W II person. hope this helps x

What does the Anglican cross look like?

In the Catholic Church they use a crucifix more than a plain cross (a crucifix is a cross bearing a figure of the dying Christ) because their beliefs emphasis the death of Christ more. In the Anglican Church, however, the cross most often used is the plain cross that has no figure of Christ on it. A ( Full Answer )

Who is the walrus on animal crossing wild world and what do they do?

the walrus you are talking about is called wendell he is an artist who sometimes wonders round your town moaning about him being hungry the first time he askes for anything so just give him a piece of fruit the second red turnips give him what he wants and he gives you one of his designs to decorate ( Full Answer )

What does a Greek cross look like?

A Greek cross is usually located above an X. The Greek cross has ahorizontal line and a vertical line. Each line will have an equallength to it.

How do you look at your saved letters in animal crossing?

go to the town hall and talk to pelly/phyllis and click saved letters and i believe it gives you that option.sorry if im wrong but i havent played i a while! from, Aubrey contact me on Myspace AubreyTaylor (hearts on the side)

What does a Jacob's ladder in Animal Crossing Wild World look like?

Think of a tulip, with 2 short sword like leaves from the base. Two stems extend upward and curve downward to the right, each with a flower at the end (one stem only half as long). The flowers look like unopened tulips pointing downward, colored a light purple (mauve?). I've read posts on how to ( Full Answer )

What is walrus beating on Animal Crossing City Folk?

It's not real, I'm sure you heard it in Ryan Rigney's money making guide. He was just being funny, but obviously many people thought it was real. It's not. I wish it was though. Just imagine.... "Animal Crossing: City Folk! Newfoundland Edition! Now with 20% more walrus and seal beating!"

What do you feed wendel the hungury walrus in animals crossing wild world?

Well, you can feed him anything. Pattern Name: Footprints Feed Wendell: Char Pattern Name: Overhead View A Feed Wendell: Catfish Pattern Name: Overhead View B Feed Wendell: Snakehead Pattern Name: Overhead View C Feed Wendell: Pond Smelt Pattern Name: Overhead View D Feed W ( Full Answer )

What does a angelfish look like in Animal Crossing?

It's a small, rare fish that is worth 3,000 bells. It has black and white stripes (like a zebra) and its gills are sticking out. That's all I can explain about it really oh and it has a tail that is real close to it's body

In animal crossing how do you make yourself look like Mario?

first you must be a boy and have nookingtons (this is for WW) you must also have the big bro cap and big bro mustache. then go to shampoodles and for personality pick up up down or up up up down (I've been Mario for a while) and for colours pick mysterious in cool coulors. then design a shirt in abl ( Full Answer )

How do you make your person look like your mii in animal crossing?

Go to Shampoodle in the City. Talk ,to the dog, Harriet inside and ask for a Makeover. Luckily your first Makeover (and haircut) is free. Then you can select the Mii Mask of your choosing. Shampoodle if located on the right side of the city and next to Katrina (Fortune Teller)

What girls can you looke like on Animal Crossing ds?

Girls have rosy cheeks and almond eyes. You can get tons of hair stiles at the salon. You can look like any girl you want as long as you don't care what their face looks like and you have unlocked the right clothes and answer questions at the hair salon correctly.

Can you look like an animal on animal crossing wild world?

Sorry but you cant and idk y, i guess they want u to look different. the only way u can change ur look is if u get the biggest store called nookingtons with the hair salon but u need to hav spent nmore than 100,000 coins at nooks stores and had a friend come to ur town and buy somthing from the stor ( Full Answer )

How do chose what you look like on Animal Crossing?

On City Folk; the Wii version. You can make Mii character on the Wii and the go on City Folk. After, you visit the city and go to Harriette's Salon and she will do your face just like one of your Mii characters. On City Folk you can also change shoes; of course clothes, hats, umbrellas, etc. But on ( Full Answer )

How do the feathers look in Animal Crossing?

Pretty good! They are at the side of your hair and come in different colors. Earn them By donating money to boondox at the town hall. Have a nice day! 

What does the prize guy look like on Animal Crossing?

the prize guy on animal crossing is called Phidieas and he I think is sea lion after Phineas. He gives out prizes such as pinwheels and bubble blowers and unique balloons. These items can't be found anywhere else on the game and are free.

Why did the walrus cross the ice?

Because he had to get to the brand new lemonade icical before every block was taken! Ha ha ha ha ha, sort of.

What does a crossed check look like?

In a crossed check, two parallel lines are drawn on the body of the check implying that payment would only be effected to the payee only, and not to any bearer.

What does a pedestrian crossing look like?

A pedestrian crossing sign is often portrayed in the united states as a yellow diagonal diamond with a black bubbled headed stick figure walking across it.

Is there a dinosaur or dinosaur-like animal that looks like a cross between a more substantial Dimetrodon and a bipedal Spinosaurus?

Dimetrodon genus (and specially the Dimetrodonlimbatus species) went extinct around 40 My before theappearance of the first dinosaur during the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era. Spinosaurus genus appeared only during the Late Jurassic . There is no possible direct genetic connection be ( Full Answer )