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i say Google would be your best bet. by just typing in "types of morphine" good luck.

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What are the differt kinds of morphine?


What pills look similar in size and shape to morphine?

Thats messed up...

What doessandoz morphine 30 milligram look like?

WHat does sandoz morphine 30 milligram tablet look like

What does morphine show up as on a drug test?

Morphine shows up as opiates.

What does morphine show up as in a UA?

Morphine shows up as opiates in a ua

What does liquid morphine look like?

look like liquid

What does morphine show up as on 12 panel drug test?

Morphine shows up as opiates. In the body, all opiates besides morphine are actually prodrugs--drugs that turn into something else, and what they turn into is morphine.

What are the various kinds of letter?

there are all kinds of leters so look them up and you well find what they all are :)

What antibiotics come up as morphine?

There is not an antibiotic that comes up as morphine. You can take morphine with an antibiotic, but it is wise to wait at least an hour in between if you have a stomach ache with the antibiotics.

Does morphine show up as hydromorphone in drug tests?

because morphine is an opiate.

Did heroin 36 hours ago will it show up as horoin or morphine?


What does percocet show up as in a drug test?

can percocet show up as morphine in a urine drug test

What does morphine show up as on drug testing?

Morphine shows up as opiates. Because all opiates convert to morphine once they get into your system, the test is just named "opiates."

Will morphine show in an opiate drug test?

Yes, morphine will show up as an opiate.

How long does morphine stay in the system?

how long does morphine stay in your system for if you shoot it up?

What elements make up morphine?

morphine is a compound made up mainly of carbon and hydrogen and also some oxygen

Will methadone and morphine show up the same or different up on a urine test?

Methadone and Morphine will show up different on a urine test. Morphine will show up as an opiate and Methadone will only show up as methadone cause it requires a specific test.

What does morphine show up as?


Will morphine show up on a drug test the same as percoet?

will morphine show up on stick drug test the same as percoet

Does roxi's come up morphine in urine drug tests?

no, it shows up as oxycodone. Morphine and roxis are completely different drugs.

What happens if you abuse morphine?

If you abuse morphine, it becomes addictive and it uses up the pain receptors.

Where can you get morphine?

Morphine is generally kept locked up in hospitals. Pharmacies do not normally carry morphine. Morphine is a controlled substance because it is derived from or emulates the same opioid source that heroin comes from.

How will morphine show in a urine drug screen as morphine or as any opiate?

it will show up as morphine. many other opiate drugs (oxycodone, hydrocodone, heroin, etc.) may also show up as morphine see:

Will tylenol 3 with codeine show up as a opiate in a urine sample?

Absolutely. It will show up as morphine. If you have a prescription, they will verify it, knowing it does metabolite into 10% morphine. Codeine itself does not relief pain, it's the metabolite from codeine of morphine that is believed to be the pain reliever. It will not show up as codeine on a urine test, but as morphine.

In a regular urine drug screen how does morphine show up?

morphine is an opoid unless they are testing for morhine it wont show up as an opiate