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I'm assuming you mean house pipe joints. Start at the pipe union, using a bigger pipe wrench if necessary. If the joint breaks you will have to replace the pipe. Unfortunately there aren't any real good tricks, it just takes a lot of force. you can try draining the pipe and adding heat, but don't get it hot enough to melt the galvanized coating otherwise you'll NEVER get the pipe off. If it's a gas pipe don't try putting heat on the line. That wouldn't be good.

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Q: How do you loosen rusted pipe joints?
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What does the inside of a rusted out cast iron sewer pipe look like?

Rusted cast iron.

How do you repair rusted out at foundation cast iron drain pipe?

If it is "rusted out" you do not repair it, You do replace it with XHCI

How do you loosen pop up drain locking nut in bathroom sink?

With channel lock pliers or an adjustable wrench. If lock nut is rusted fast, a pipe wrench may be needed.

How do you remove muffler rusted to pipe from converter?


How do you loosen rusted lugnuts from back wheel?

first of all its wheel. and STRENGTH!

What is the effect of water pressure at the pipe joints?

Water constantly exerts pressure on pipe joints. I have seen old soldered joints flying apart when subjected to extreme pressure or trains passing nearby. This sometimes happens with plastic pipe also if joints are not thoroughly set .

How do you loosen a pipe joint that has Teflon tape on it?

With a wrench

Is rusted an adjective?

It can be. It is the past tense and past participle of the verb "to rust." Examples: Rusted steel is not as strong as the original steel. The Tin Man's joints were rusted, so he could not move.

How do you remove completely rusted spark plugs?

You can try spaying them with wd40 or some other oil based compound to help loosen them. Let them soak for awhile to help loosen.

How do you remove a Receiver hitch that has rusted fast?

belt it with a slege hammer to see if that will loosen it up failing that it needs to be heated with a torch, to burn the rust then hit with a hammer to loosen

What is the best thread dressing for galvanized to PVC pipe joints?

Pipe dope and/or teflon tape

Does well water affect quest pipe?

No, Qwest pipe and joints are OK with well water

How do you replace a 2002 Isuzu trooper starter?

To replace it remove the battery terminal so you will not have power. Loosen the bolts (use liquid wrench or wd40 for this will be rusty) exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold (driver side) and then you need to loosen the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold to the part where it connect exhaust pipe from the other side of the exhaust manifold (passenger side) and then you need to loosen the electrical wire from the starter and then loosen the bolts that connect the starter now you can wiggle the starter to pull it out you need to try to figure out how to get it through the loosen exhaust pipe ( but it should come out)

Does it help if you apply oil to a rusted pipe?

No it does not. If one can afford to do so. Get the pipe replaced. Putting oil on it could make the metal supple causing it to burst.

How do you loosen a pipe in your fireplace?

With the appropriate sized spanners wrenches and tools.

How do you remove a broken chrome bathroom sink drain pipe from the brass pipe in the wall?

There should be a nut around the chrome pipe holding it to the brass. Loosen the nut and pull the chrome pipe out.

Is a rusted pipe which mass has increased violate the law of conservation of mass?

No, it is not true; the law remain valid.

How do you clean rusted thread on galvanized pipe?

I find a wire brush is usually enough to clean threads.

When saying calculating inch dia of pipe is number of welded joints x pipe size that refers to lenght of pipe or diameter of pipe?

Pipe size refers to the diameter of the pipe (in inch).

What are Pipe joins?

A pipe joint is a key component to any successful plumbing system. Pipe joints means the connection at the ends of pipes that ensures tight sealing and strength. In some cases, pipe joints must also provide for rapid assembly and dis-assembly or a change in the direction of the line of pipe. The most common types used for general-purpose metal pipes are welded, flanged, threaded, and bell-and-spigot joints.

How do you loosen a distributor when it is rusted on to the engine block?

Keep it soaked with penetrating oil and wait and/or gently apply heat to the base of the distributor.

how do weld GI pipe to GI pipe?

A GI pipe is welded to a GI pipe by using solder and flux. The pipe is heated up, flux applied, and then solder allowed to flow into the joints to create a secure bond.

Is it better to smoke rolled joints or use a pipe?

it is better to smoke out of a pipe. that is 100% bud, no papers, no wraps involved

How is a rusting pipe a chemical change?

Its a Chemical Change because it changes its appearance. It look different then it did before it rusted

Are a frozen pipe or a rusted metal bike a chemical energy?

A frozen pipe is a physical change, as it is just water changing state from liquid to solid (ice). However, a rusted metal bike is a chemical reaction as it is caused by the metal reacting with the oxygen in the air, in what is called an oxidation reaction.