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Eat more protein, eat less fat. This is the general formula to complete your task. Also, eat carbs (fruits, vegetables, pasta-- all without butter or oil) for quick energy. Exercise: Aerobics will cause you to look thinner, free weights and weight machines will build bulk. The middle ground will make you lean and hard: pushups, situps, chinups. You can also try Isometrics, which will build up mass without making you lithe. Whatever you do, be careful when you first start exercising, and take it easy on yourself. The point is to be fit, not to kill yourself.

Liposuction. Seriously, this is controversial in the medical community. Many doctors claim you NEVER lose fat cells, the cells themselves only become smaller. Thus, if you develop a large number of fat cells in early childhood, you will probably struggle with weight all your life.

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Q: How do you lose fat cells without losing your muscle cells?
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Do you lose muscle after losing sperm?


What's the best diet to lose weight without losing muscle?

Every diet involves you losing a little muscle, but the muscle you lose is far less than the fat you will lose. To ensure healthy muscles while you diet, you need to do strength training to maintain muscles. You also need to eat food that contains protein and keep hydrated!

Is there a way to lose breast fat without gaining muscle?

Only by losing weight in general. You can't spot treat fat zones. Cardio will help burn calories without gaining muscle, though.

If you have quite a lot of muscle can you lose some muscle so you can weigh less and how should you do that?

If you have lots of muscle, why would you be concenred with losing it?

Is losing brain cells bad?

Losing brain cells is a natural part of aging. Anytime you lose brain cells early on, or as the result of injury.. it can be a bad thing.

What can you do to stop losing muscle mass?

It's the same as mental ability, use it or lose it.

Can your bench pressing strength decrease if you lose weight?

If the weight you are losing is muscle, yes.

What is the best way to diet and lose fat without losing muscle?

Eat less fat and sugar. A variety of proteins and carbs as well as vegetables and fruit in your daily food intake will give you a perfect balance of nutrition, you will lose fat and as long as you exercise daily you will lose no muscle tone at all.

Can you lose 10 pounds in 23 days?

It is certainly possible to lose 10 pounds in 23 days. It is important, though, to distinguish losing weight from losing body fat. If you are overweight or obese, losing 10 pounds of body fat is a good idea; however, it's a bad idea to lose lean muscle mass. If you do not exercise and eat properly, about half the weight you lose will be lean muscle mass and that is a bad idea. Since lean muscle mass is very much more metabolically active than fat, you want to preserve or increase your lean muscle mass. Losing weight too quickly, and by that losing your muscle mass, will leave you worse off. You will quickly regain the weight and probably more than you lost.

Can you lose weight without losing inches?

Yes if you are meaning height.

Can you fast without losing muscle?

No because the muscles need protein to grow or maintain themselves, if you are not getting protein they can't maintain a constant size or grow more and will lose bulk.

Can you gain muscle and lose weight without going on a diet?

Assuming you already have a reasonable diet, you can gain muscle and lose weight through proper exercise without changing your diet.

Why is DNA replication important to mitosis?

Because with mitosis, you are copying the original organism exactly. Meaning you can't take cells directly from the original without losing cells or DNA. By replicating them, they are copying the original without compromising it. It's spelled LOSE not LOOSE

Why would a person lose muscle tissue while on a high-protein diet?

If a person is not taking in enough calories, and is losing weight, they are losing muscle mass. They may not be getting enough in their high-protein diet.

Is muscle weight easier to lose than fat?

No the fat goes first you start losing muscle only if fat is gone and you are starving, but that's not good.

Why do people lose inches but not weight?

I would assume because if you are working out, and exercising, you are losing fat, in turn you lose inches; however, you are also building muscle, in turn muscle weighs more than fat.

How do get rid of lose skin from losing weight?

Either, excersise more to fill the loose skin with muscle, or get surgery.

What diets wwork best for losing weight?

In order to lose weight while gaining muscle, one must commit to exercising with weights. A high protein, lean carb diet will be helpful for losing weight and gaining muscle.

How can you lose about 10 pounds and trim your waistline without losing any legs?

You can't if you lose 10lbs. you will lose it from your whole body not just your waist.

How do you lose fat in your thighs without losing fat in your butt?

You can't. Except for liposuction.

Can an object lose mass without losing weight?

No. Mass is directly propotional to weight.

How do you lose muscle in your legs without gaining weight?

Stop exercising them. The muscle will atrophy. (Also, you'll probably lose weight rather than gain it; muscle is more dense than fat.)

Why cant life exist without phosphorus?

cells have said "Phosporus" inside of them without them you'd lose all cells.

Lose 1 stone in a week?

That is losing weight way too fast. If you are losing that much weight, without trying, you may be ill.

How can you lose 10 pounds without having to lose any muscle mass?

I highly recommend reading up on the Atkins induction (week one) phase on You can lose 10 lbs. in a week or two and not lose muscle mass.