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Diet and excercise. You cannot target a specific region for taking off fat. The fat will burn off from anywhere it is located.


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I have the same exact problem. My thighs are too fat and I need to lose weight from them! I tried doing squats and lunges, and they seem to have improved.

Well work the muscles in your legs. Exercise and run daily.

If you run for about 15-30 min. a day, 3 days a week, it really works your thighs and you can't lose the ongoing battle of losing thigh weight.

swimming raises your heart rate with will burn fat everywhere in your body, not just your thighs, bike riding and swimming would help lose fat

Well, it's aerobic exercise, so yeah.

Yes they do if that's where you have fat. Treadmill goal is to get rid of fat anywhere. So wherever you have it you lose it overtime

For men, the hardest place to lose fat is the sides and lower abs. For women, it is the butt and thighs.

This is one of the most difficult places for a woman to lose fat. Short of liposuction all you can do is lose weight generally and tone up the muscles. Dress to minimise this area. On the plus side, women who carry their fat on their hips and thighs (pear shaped) tend to be healthier than those of us who carry it round our waists (apple shaped).

A sensible diet and regular exercise will reduce your general body fat.

fat thighs, no. but keep in mind fat and bone isn't the same. to some people my thighs are bigger, that's because I'm medium boned. to some people their thighs are bigger than mind. their larger boned. its not always fat, and actually can just be bone

Yes, you can lose weight in your thighs by losing water, which includes taking diuretic pills. You can also lose weight in your thighs by swimming in the water and exercising.

Any person dieting should seek advice from a medical professional. It could be very dangerous for a person who is underweight to attempt to lose fat on the thighs and tummy.

The only way to lose fat off of one specific body part is through liposuction. Exercise cannot spot reduce fat. The only way to lose fat off of a specific area without surgery is to lower the overall body fat percentage of your entire body through diet and exercise.

You can lose weight in thighs by doing thigh-targeted exercises, eating healthy, and being active.

Eat a lot more calories than you can burn. Unfortunately, you can't just make your thighs fat. You will have to get fat all over.

To get rid of fat thighs, you need to ensure that you exercise more. Also cut down on fat and sugar intake as you take your meals.

You cannot target a specific area of the body to store fat, or lose it for that matter. Your genetics decides where fat is stored, but the most common places are around the abdominals, butt, and thighs.

if you search on google they will have more results for you. bing, yahoo and so forth

U can eat alot of fat foods then lose the weight and it goes to ur butt

To lose inches from buns and thighs, tone up these areas with exercises designed for the buns and thighs. Cut down on the number of calories that you consume, and get more exercise.

There's really no special exercises you can do to just lose inner thigh . But any exercise targeting the legs or thighs will get you results.

In order for a nine year old to lose fat, her diet should be changed to contain fewer fats and sugar. She should also take part in a number of physical activities like playing.

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