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You can't.

Except for Liposuction.

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Q: How do you lose fat in your thighs without losing fat in your butt?
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Can you lose weight in your thighs by water?

Yes, you can lose weight in your thighs by losing water, which includes taking diuretic pills. You can also lose weight in your thighs by swimming in the water and exercising.

How do squats help you lose weight on your thighs?

It doesn't. It tones your thighs, calves and butt and builds muscle and strength.

How can you lose weight fast without losing your butt?

ask someone to watch it for you while you lose weight, sometimes its even better that they just hold onto it for you

Why are people losing their lives?

They lose their lives because they have a big butt

What exercise to do to make ur butt and thighs big?

U can eat alot of fat foods then lose the weight and it goes to ur butt

How can you lose weight off your tummy butt and thighs?

But if you have a problem with your matabolism then you shold ask a mom, dad of a docter.

How do you lose stomach fat without losing your butt or breasts?

Hello. You need to exercise more frequantly and try doing regular situps and gradually increase the amount of situps you do.

How do you get a big butt while still losing belly fat?

Do situps to lose your belly fat or crunches

Why when you diet you lose weight on your chest but not your thighs even if you run?

Losing weight depends on the types of food you eat and the amount of exercise. Breads go to your thighs, so in order to lose weight there you must not eat as much wheat and run a lot.

How do you lose ten pounds off your legs and thighs and calves and butt?

Riding a bike is a great way:) Putting the fork down is another.

What is the hardest body part for fat reduction?

For men, the hardest place to lose fat is the sides and lower abs. For women, it is the butt and thighs.

How do you lose loose skin around your butt and abs after losing a lot of weight?

You don't, without surgery. It will eventually tighten up somewhat. There's not really much you can do to hasten the process.

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