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To lose belly fat fast the only thing that's work is going under the knife. If you have patience, you can lose it by reducing your body fat percentage doing diet and exercise.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: How do you lose some of your lower belly fat fast?
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Is it possible to lose a lot of weight in your arms and belly and hips and thighs in 2 weeks?

It depends on how much u want to lose and how fast metabolism is some people lose any were from 10 to 20 pounds

How can you lose some belly fat in one week?

It is impossible.

What are some tips for losing belly fat fast?

There are many ways to lose belly fat fast. Some of the tips are. Getting enough sleep, use short bursts of exercise, stay away from sugar as much as possible, get the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C, and slow down your breath.

What are some exercises to lose belly fat?

All you have to do is do some squatches(sit-ups) . This will make you crunch your spine so the belly flab overlaps. This will make you lose weight faster.

Is it possible to diet to lose belly fat?

Yes it is possible to diet and lose belly fat but you have to exercise as well to lose it. Just a diet alone will not be enough to lose it. Yes you will lose some but you need to exercise as well.

Will jogging get rid of belly fat?

Light workout and exercises are helpful to lose your belly fats. Exercises such as jogging, cycling, walking, running, swimming are some useful exercises to lose belly fat.

How can you lose fat fast in 1 week?

You can lose some, but not much.

What are some ways to lose belly fat fast in weeks?

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What food might help you to lose some fat from your belly?

oatmeal can really help you lose the belly fat but inly get the plain one and then add berries or other fruits in it

Will you lose belly fat walking on the treadmill for fifty minutes a day?

Yes you can lose some belly fat walking on a treadmill for fifty minutes everyday, but running for 30 mins a day is way more effective for losing belly fat. Running not only contributes to the loss of belly fat, but also helps suppress your appetite as well. If you want to lose belly fat without doing crunches, then I suggest trying Cardio kickboxing like Tae bo. Walking will help lose it if you don't mind the fat coming off slowly. If you want to lose belly fat fast, running or kickboxing are both very effective cardio workouts that really strengthen your core and help you lose weight all over.

Where can I go to get some information on a diet to lose belly fat?

Here is a great website for finding out information on dieting. There are some really helpful tips!

How do you lose belly bulk in a month?

Exercise! Jog/Walk briskly and then do some crunches!

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