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You can tone and stregnthen your knees by doing a little exersise from a chair. Start in the bend position (normal sitting position), then raise your feet so they are level with your hips, but no further up than your hips. Hold for 5 seconds and bring them down again. Repeat that about 20 times. You can point your toes for added benefit. It will help your knees, it will stregnthen your legs and help to burn the extra fat. You can't lose fat in one particular area only, though (it is called 'spot reducing' and it isn't possible). You must eat right and exersise other parts of your body so there is balance. Good luck!

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Q: How do you lose the fat around your knees?
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How do you lose fat in knees?

You can't target weight loss to a specific area. The only way to lose fat from your knees is to loose weight generally or to exercise and tone the area around the knees.

Is there any exercise to help lose fat around the knees?

Fat loss cannot be isolated. The human body is one unit, it is not divided in compartments. There is no magic exercise to make you lose fat around your knees. But any aerobic exercise will help, plus proper nutrition.

Are there any exercises that can help get rid of the fat around the knees?

No, you can not spot train fat away. You lose excess fat through a healthy diet and consistent exercise. You cannot lower your fat in a specific area, you must lower your body fat percentage in order to see results. Fat in the knees are uncommon, but you must maintain a balanced diet and workout routine.

What exercise reduces fat knees?

Short of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. You have to go on a diet and lose some fat all over.

How do you lose fat around the back of your head?

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How do you get smaller knees?

A person can lose weight to make their knees lose some extra bulge, or they can have plastic surgery done on their knees. Other than that, there is no way a person can get smaller knees.

If you lose 20lbs do you gain a inch on your penis?

If you have fat around the shaft of your penis, and you lose that fat then your penis would seem larger.

The goal of weight loss is to maximize fat loss?

Ideally when you lose weight you will lose fat. Losing fat is the primary objective as carrying around too much fat can lead to health problems such as heart disease or cancer, particularly if you carry too much fat around your waist line.

How do you get skinny knees?

loose weight fat-so

How can you lose belly fat fast if you gain all your weight in your torso?

You really cannot target a body part to lose weight in. When you lose weight your body takes it from all over. You'll lose your belly fat at the same rate you lose fat around your thighs and arms. Working certain muscle groups might help to burn more fat overall, but you won't see that six pack until you get rid of the layer of fat over it.For information about how to stop body fat accumulating around the abdomen or stomach, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How many calories less a day do you need to consume to lose one pound in a week?

A pound of fat is generally around 3500 calories, so to lose a pound of fat a week you would need to lose 500 calories a day

How can you lose fat around the base of your penis?

Exercise to reduce the fat all over your body as there are no exercises that can reduce fat in one area. The other option is lyposuction.

If I lose fat around penis will it grow?

Losing fat does not result in a larger penis, but more of it will be visible, giving the appearance of being larger.

When do you start to lose baby fat?

It is scientifically proven that you lose baby fat by age 9. Some lose it at 10

How do you lose fat on the back of your legs?

You can't target a spesific area to lose fat, the body decides which fat goes first.

Where does your body lose fat from last?

Body shapes are genetic, so you will notice people lose fat differently, a good way to estimate where you would lose weight is to look at your family and where they lose weight from. Generally speaking though, your body will burn fat where it is not needed first - such as breasts. I would expect around the waist would be a slowish place to lose weight as fat helps keep your organs warm. On a personal note I seem to lose weight almost everywhere faster than on my arms - i have chubby arms!

How many calories do you have to lose to lose a kilo?

you need to lose 7000 kcal of fat to lose 1 kilo fat, else it's 9000 kcal with water.

Is there anything like spot reduction in fat loss?

Definitely not. You need to lose weight all around.

How do i know if she is interested in me?

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How do you loss arm fat?

You can't lose just the arm fat, you will lose fat from all over your body :) To lose any fat, you will need to do 20+ minutes of cardio exercise a day. And eat less! Count your calories~

How do you lose leg fat by swimming?

You can lose leg fat by swimming because the resistance of the water causes you to burn fat in your legs. Swimming is a good way to develop muscle and lose weight.

Do people lost things in their fat rolls?

well i weigh 627 pounds and well a lose many things under and in my fat like i will lose a remote then find it wefged under my fat so yes i lose stuff in my fat

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Can you lose your hands and fingers due to diabetes?

No, mostly only legs and knees.

How do you lose inches off of waist?

Do lots of high knees and sit ups