How do you lose weight from your stomach if that is the only place you are not skinny?

Try doing crunches...although crunches can be a pain it may be a lot less complicated if you use a machine or some type of exercise equipment to tone those abs and oblique muscles. Power walking will do the trick too if you just want to lose the extra tummy and not build up muscle around that area.

The body tends to store more fat in the abdominal area (the belly) when a person is under stress. The hormone responsible is cortisol. Avoid cortisol as much as possible. Cortisol is produced under psychological stress but also under enough physical stress. So when you exercise to burn fat, never do it for longer that 45 or 60 minutes. After that time your body gets stressed enough to release cortisol which encourages your body to burn muscle instead of carbs or fat and when you eat it will get to your belly first. So relax, eat well and time your exercises wisely.