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Try doing crunches...although crunches can be a pain it may be a lot less complicated if you use a machine or some type of exercise equipment to tone those abs and oblique muscles. Power walking will do the trick too if you just want to lose the extra tummy and not build up muscle around that area.

The body tends to store more fat in the abdominal area (the belly) when a person is under stress. The hormone responsible is cortisol. Avoid cortisol as much as possible. Cortisol is produced under psychological stress but also under enough physical stress. So when you exercise to burn fat, never do it for longer that 45 or 60 minutes. After that time your body gets stressed enough to release cortisol which encourages your body to burn muscle instead of carbs or fat and when you eat it will get to your belly first. So relax, eat well and time your exercises wisely.

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Q: How do you lose weight from your stomach if that is the only place you are not skinny?
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How to look skinny?

lose weight

Can you lose fat everywhere but your stomach?

Normally, the stomach is the first place that loses weight. Although some people experience weight loss in their face or arms first.

If you are already skinny how do you lose more weight?


Why do skinny people always stay skinny without trying to lose weight?

Fast Matabolism

Is it harder for overweight people to lose weight than skinny people?

it depends if you gain and lose weight faster or slower

If your trying to eat fatty foods to get a bigger butt how do you lose weight?

stomach crunches lose weight around your stomach SPECIFICALLY, if u go running or jogging, you will lose weight everywhere...including your but ;)

Will you get skinny if you sperm?

Ejaculation does not cause males to lose weight.

How do you get muscle if your skinny?

Exercise in a way where you don't lose weight but gain muscle weight.

Can you lose weight by sleeping on your stomach?

Definitely not.

Is it possible to lose weight from your stomach and not your thighs?


How do you not look fat in skinny jeans?

just lose weight hahaha

Will a heat pack on your stomach help you lose fast weight?

No it won't. the easiest way to lose weight is to exercise.

How can you lose weight on your butt and stomach but gain weight in your breasts?

uhmmm....did you get implants?

If you're skinny but you want abs is the only way to get abs to lose weight Or can you possibly maintain the same weight and have defined abs?

If you are already skinny don't lose anymore weight. You have to work at your abs by actually physically working them out properly at a gym or with guidance and you have to eat.

Why people lose weight?

They lose weight because they think they are fat or are overweight or even possibly think they fat and have low self-steem even when there skinny.

How do you lose a lot of water weight fast?

You don't want to lose water weigt! Don't kill yourself to be skinny!

Why did Michael Jackson lose a lot of weight?

He's never lost a lot of weight, he was always skinny, he gained a bit of weight whenever he was doing a tour because he would lose a few pounds during his shows and at his natural (skinny) weight it wouldn't have been healthy and he probably would have gotten ill.

How can you make yourself look skinny?

Lose weight, wear clothes slighty larger

Does putting a bag over your stomach help you lose weight?


Will sit ups help you lose the weight on your hips and stomach?

doing sit ups will tone up your stomach... if you want to lose the weight try running and things like that... Hope this helped

How much do you run to get a flat stomach?

Running is a good way to lose weight and tone the midsection muscles. However, one must eat right to lose more weight and get a flat stomach.

How can children lose weight off the stomach?

children can lose weight off their stomach by doing 50-100 sit ups every day for about 2 weeks you will be able to see the difference

Can you lose weight with a corset?

A corset can help you to lose weight by reducing your stomach capacity, but the compression itself will not cause weight loss.

How do you lose weight if age is 45 and weight is 98 needed help soon?

i think u are underweight that is really skinny

How much weight you lose?

If your obese, then you should lose a lot. Depending on how large you are, if you are skinny, then dont worry. Hope this helps =] xxx