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A good diet and lots of excercise.

Answeri hav lost about 16kg so far *YAY*! and ive done it through swimmin laps for bout an hour a day, 5days a week and eating small meals through out the day, no starving ma self, no throwing up simple excise and healthy eating, its only been about a month and already ive lose 16kg!

I've been trying to do the same & swimming,yogurt,excerciseing doesnt work for me.So I'll say you should probaly do ZUMBA

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Q: How do you lose weight without a pill?
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There is no proof that there is a natural diet pill. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and lose weight.

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diet and the right pill

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Ecstasy :D or coke

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Sorry, but there is no such thing as a weight loss pill. There is no magic pill, potion or elixir that is going to make you lose weight. If there were, the owners of it would be billionaires. The only way to lose weight is eat less, exercise more. Not as easy as a magic pill- but unlike the magic pill, it works.

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Usually it you put on weight as you sleep a lot.

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