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You can never love her the way she loves you because you're staying for all the wrong reasons. You're hurting her more than you will ever know. It's doubtful that she has missed the changes she must see in you and women are often extremely intuitive. I'd come clean and take a sabbatical from each other for a few months (not a divorce) and be sure you financially look after her needs and that of any children you may have. Perhaps you need this shock to realize that you aren't missing that much out there and can come back, sit down, and start acting mature enough to communicate just why you were feeling the way you were. You don't even consider the fact your wife has issues and perhaps she craves more than you are giving her! Communication is even more important than sex. Don't lead your wife on any longer or you'll just hurt her more.

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Why did the men at the Alamo stay knowing they were going to die?

they stayed their because they had pride and they knew if they all tired to leave they would have thousand of Mexicans waiting for them. In a sense they had no choice but to stay at the Alamo

What is a good sentence for the word stayed?

He stayed out all night long drinking vodka and prune juice. She stayed away from warthogs because of her allergies. They stayed calm even while the monkeys attacked. We stayed at an inn where they served pomegranate stew.

What are the duties and responsibility of bell boy?

To look after the needs of clients that stayed at the hotel they worked for. carying bags. room service ect.

Why has the Immovable ladder stayed untouched?

Because It is Immovable.

Are there anteaters in Georgia?

no because there is not enough dirt for the anteaters in Georgia because I stayed there.

Why did few Catholics move to Maryland despite the Calvert support?

Because cecil calvert stayed in england, they stayed, too

What does be accountable for the quality of your work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving your knowledge and skills?

It can be accountable, that one could get sick if he stayed where there was bad air quality.

Why did a few Catholics move to Maryland despite the Calverts support?

Because Cecile Calvert stayed in England they stayed too (Apex)

Why did few Catholics move to Maryland despite the Calverts' support?

Because Cecil Calvert stayed in England, they stayed , too.

Why did the aboriginies stay in Australia?

They stayed in Australia because that was their home.

What if a permanent resident stayed out because of mother is very ill?


What is the correct grammar stayed in or stayed at?

Both are correct, depending on the situation. I stayed in my house. I stayed in a hotel. I stayed at the door. I stayed at the starting-line. I stayed at the beach for the weekend. I stayed at my friend's house.

What is the answer A leaf was tested for starch the iodine solution stayed orange what does that tell you about the leaf?

the iodine stayed orange because the starch wasn't present

Has the ANZAC meaning changed or stayed the same since World War 1?

it has stayed the same because it is a remembrance day of those who died for us!

Why salt stayed behind and water evaporated?

because salt is heavier...... =)

Cromwell stayed in power was because he had control of the army?

Cromwell stayed in power because he was one of the nobles who lead the people fighting for parliament, roundheads, against the king's belief in divine right. They won.

Why did people stay silent and allow the Holocaust to happen?

People stayed silent because they only cared about themselvesPeople stayed silent because they didn't want to be beaten up or sent to the concentration camps.People stayed silent because they were ignorant. Some people knew a little about what was happening and made a point of not trying to find out more.

Why did polish immigrants stay in the US?

They stayed because they liked the payment and the land¿

Does jun die?

Yes,because he stayed at sword base when it blew up

Which WWE superstar stayed in the WWE longest?

the longest superstar would have to be the undertaker,knowing that he's at least 50-55 years of age and started his carreer at 30-35

What is the longest time a person stayed on facebook?

its 264 hours (about 11 days) its not the longest time a person stayed on facebook. its the longest time person stayed awake. both of them are same. may be little varition can encounter because of the strain in the eyes...

What homophone pair fits the sentence She blank away from the wild party because she's a blank person?

The homophone pair stayed and staid fits the sentence, "She stayed away from the wild party because she's a staid person."

Why are egyptians angry with there current president?

Because they have a feeling that Mubarak isn't taking full responsibility, and they know what is best for their country. Besides, he stayed for quite a long time, I mean 30+ years, that a really long time for a president. All answer done by Lobna, the first user is me too.

What were Anne Frank's virtues?

Patience because she stayed in hiding for 25 months. Perseverance because she had to move to Holland, Amsterdam because of her religion.

How many people stayed alive after the civil war?

how many people stayed alive in the civil war and we really dont know because their was so may people in the war.