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ive just started my own saltwater tank myself, and my alkalinity is at a 5, well im tryin to get to a 3.5 or 4. from whut ive been told by alot of local pet stores, and Vets Pets, one of the best stores for saltwater, that the best way is to do a water change. anywhere from 10to 25% depending on the size of the tank.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-16 04:44:15
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Q: How do you lower alkalinity in salt water aquarium?
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What causes alkalinity in a salt water aquarium?


How do you lower the general hardness in a salt water aquarium?

you cant lower the general harndess of a saltwater aquarium. Why would you even want to?

Can you raise sea urchins in your salt water aquarium?

You can raise a sea urchin in a salt-water aquarium. There are no fresh water sea urchins so you would need a salt-water aquarium to properly care for the urchin.

Why top off with salt water in a salt water aquarium?

killing germs.

What can you do with salt water and fresh water?

Salt water:swim in it make an salt water aquariumFresh watter:drink it put in in an aquarium

How do you raise the Ph in a salt water pool if soda ash only raises the alkalinity?

Soda ash raises both alkalinity and pH in fresh water; I would assume the same in salt.

What salts responsible for alkalinity of water?

For example sodium carbonate is an alkaline salt.

What is aquarium aqua salt?

Underwater sea animals live in salt water

Can you use table salt to do salt water in aquarium?

not really you really need sea salt

Does acid and alkali equal salt water?

No, when the proportion of the acidity and alkalinity of water are equal this makes the water neutral.

How many fish can you put in your salt water aquarium?

As many as you can fit, considering they are salt water fish

Why can't aquarium salt be used for a puffer fish to make brackish water What is the difference between aquarium salt and marine salt What happens if aquarium salt is used instead of marine salt?

Aquarium salt is manufactured for different reasons than making your aquarium the perfect environment for salt water fishes. You may use it in an emergency, but long term is harmful to your fish. Marine salts contain the necessary salts and minerals that fish need are the best salt to use.

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