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How do you lower the Ph in the inground swimming pool?

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add a PH reducer chemical

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Rain if it is acidic can lower the pH of a swimming pool.

Add Muriatic Acid. Always check your pool chemistry after changing the pH.

Same as inground pool the pH is lowered hence check the pH and add base (soda ) i.e. you can use baking soda also To make pH normal.

Muriatic Acid....Be real careful though.

To adjust pH and/or lower alkalinity.

The Ph of a swimming pool should be between 7.2 - 7.6

Add acid, Muriatic acid works best but Dry Acid is also used.

raising the pH level of the swimming poolThe recommended pH-range for a swimming pool is between 7.2 and 7.8. To raise or lower pH, alkali such as sodium carbonate (soda ash) or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) will added to the water. thanks hope it helps you heaps!!

You have to know what you are doing. The addition of muriatic acid lowers the pH and total alkalinity in swimming pools.

You do not add pH to a pool - it does not exhist as a product.

a swimming pool it should be neutral pH ie green

You can lower pool pH by adding muriatic acid. Monitoring pH levels in a pool is important for health and water clarity.

Neither. Baking soda raises the Total Alkalinity. Soda ash raises the pH.

No. You will also get a bad smell or odor from your pool water. Where did you get this idea????

Ph readings can vary from near 2.5 or lower to 8.0 depending on the test device used. The proper pH should be 7.4 to 7.6 ppm

The best way to raise the pH in a swimming pool is by adding a base to it. Chlorine is an excellent choice.

That Acid is called Muriatic Acid. You put it in your swimming pool to lower the PH of the water. At lower PH Levels, the chlorine you use to sanitize the pool is more active, as a disinfectant. You MUST be careful not to put too MUCH Muriatic Acid in your pool! PH that is too low will create potentially deadly fumes, so test your water. Low pH is corrosive to plaster and metal pool parst.

Lowering PhYour pH can be lowered by using PH minus or you may also use Muriatic acid. - - - - -It depends on what you're trying to lower the pH of...the answer above is good if you're trying to lower the pH in a swimming pool, but it's a little extreme if you're trying to lower the pH of a cup of water. You just want to add some acid to the solution.

pH range for swimming pools is normally between 7.2 and 7.6

You can lower the PH level by using this stuff called PH Down. Go to a local pool store and ask about it.

Muriatic acid will not lower the Harness(calcium chloride)level in a swimming pool. Dilution is the only effective method to lower the calcium hardness level. Muriatic acid is used to lower the pH and total alkalinity of pool water.

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