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im a singer to lower your voice you need to lower your note if you don't understand me i can halp you do this: shout,scream,whisper the word la la la they are all different notes now sing a part of your favorite song with your normal note (voice) and your voice if you want.

love. Rihanna

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When will Justin Bieber have a lower voice?

His voice has definitely lowered now

What is a deep voice?

Your voice wiil be deep or light like a kids voice. A deep voice is a voice of a lower pitch, and the deepest voice is known as bass.

What noises do gorrilas make?

Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice. Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice.

What does your voice sound like when it breaks because my voice sounds really crackly recently but it doesnt get higher pitched or lower pitched as i talk but it has got lower overall?

During puberty the voice cracks many times when talking or screaming. Your voice will lower little by little over the years.

How does a voice change during puberty?

for a boy his voice gets lower. for a girl her voice also gets lower Boys voices may change gently or suddenly during Puberty, some not at all. The larynx grows longer and stretches the muscles in the throat causing the voice to go lower in tone.

Which everly brother has the lowest voice?

Don Everly's voice is lower than Phil's.

How do you enhance your voice naturally?

try speaking from lower down, almost in your chest. lower vibrations will cause the effect of the deeper, more mature voice

Why does a male voice get lower?

During puberty the male voices deepens, because the larynx (voice box) grows larger and thicker, causing the vibrations caused by speaking to become lower. And it is perfectly normal.I am 13 years old and my voice is starting to get lower.

Why does your voice deepen when you have a cold?

The infection affects the throat which is where the voice-box is. This can make it lower in tone.

How does your voice sound when going through puberty?

When a boy begins puberty, his voice will lower. There is no significant difference or change in voice for girls.

I don't know if my voice has broken?

When a young man's voice breaks it becomes noticeably lower in pitch. Has the pitch of your voice changed?

Symptoms of voice change?

The main symptom of a boy's voice changing is that it will start to sound different. At first it will be kind of squeeky and will occasionally crack. During this time, the voice will gradually lower, and in a few months the cracking will stop and the voice will continue to lower, but more smoothly.

How do you know your voice is changing?

Your voice will usually get much lower than before. You will also have "voice cracks" which is when your voice fluctuates between high and low and comes out as a "crack."

Is Fred's voice real or is it sound effects?

no i think its autotune or something like that. you know because of the difference in his voice. his voice is lower in his movie

Will a guys voice lower when he is attracted to you?

he might make it lower however it doesnt automatically happen...

When does a guys voice change?

A boys voice changes during Puberty. It generally gets lower in tone.

If you lose your voice and it goes low will it come back or not?

It depends. If you are going through puberty and your voice breaks, it will come back, but it will come back lower than it was. If you are not going through puberty, when you lose your voice, it will only be lower temporarily.

Who singer has the lowest voice?

The lowest possible voice is the basso profondo, which is even lower than a regular bass.

How do you say lower your voice in spanish?

Baje su voz!

Why has Corey taylor's voice gotten lower?

I heard it got lower because his voice box broke from all of the screaming he does in his band SlipKnot. Not completely sure though... p.s. hope this helped!! :)

What is the low classification for a female voice?

There is Mezzo Soprano, which is the most common, but even lower is the contralto, this voice type is rare.

Why do boys' voices change during puberty?

During puberty a boy's Larynx (otherwise known as his Adam's Apple or Voice Box) gets larger, this means that the sounds it produces are lower in pitch, so his voice gets deeper and changes from the higher pitches voice of a boy into the lower pitches voice of a man. The change is usually refered to as a boy's voice breaking.

Why does your voice get lower after you make out with or kiss another person?

the shock and pleasure

What is the definition of pianissimo?

it means lower your voice to a very soft volume.

How do you know when your voice is cracking?

You know ehen your voice is "cracking" when it keeps changing in pitch. As a boy you have a higher picthed voice than an adult man but during puberty your larynx (also called the Adam's Apple or Voice box) grows larger and the pitch of your voice gets lower. At some point you'll think that your voice has "broken" and has gotten permenantly lower, then right in the middle of a sentence it can suddenly "crack" and sound high pitched again. This period of sudden and unpredictable "cracking" of your voice can last for a few months until it eventually settles down to a lower adult pitch.