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How do you maintain health insurance coverage for your wife and son after you turn 65 and are eligible for Medicare?


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2015-07-15 19:05:41
2015-07-15 19:05:41

Where you covered under an Employer Group or Individual Plan?

If Employer Group - they would be eligible for COBRA -

If Individual - then just tell the Insurance Company to take you off.


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Most companys and situations such as yours that I have knowledge of the disabled retiree has been able to maintain their coverage (if under medicare age), for the cost or partial cost of the premium.

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Medicare is used by the VA to keep their own medical care expenses down. When a veteran eligible for medicare is under their care, the VA will bill Medicare to help ensure all veterans can be taken care of adequately. If you are eligible for medicare, apply to help the VA maintain high quality medical care for other vets.

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Cobra is the health insurance taken by an individual to replace his employer subsidized health insurance while shifting between two jobs, in order to maintain his status of continuous coverage.

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No it is not. Medicare Part C plans otherwise known as Medicare Advantage Plans are private insurers that maintain a contract with Medicare to provide Medical Coverage and/or Prescription Drug Coverage plus in some cases added benefits not usually covered by Medicare (like dental, vision, etc) Medicare Supplement plans which have been standardized into various benefit plans labeled from A-N work in conjuction with Original Medicare and provide supplement coverage for costs that are normally the responsibility of the beneficiary. For more information on Medicare Supplement plan types, go to the publication 'Choosing a Medigap Policy, page 9:

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In most states, including North Carolina, you still have to maintain some form of car insurance coverage. If the car is paid off you can drop your policy from full coverage to liability insurance.

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