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Where you covered under an Employer Group or Individual Plan?

If Employer Group - they would be eligible for COBRA -

If Individual - then just tell the Insurance Company to take you off.

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Q: How do you maintain health insurance coverage for your wife and son after you turn 65 and are eligible for Medicare?
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Can you keep your Insurance if you retire with a medical retirement?

Most companys and situations such as yours that I have knowledge of the disabled retiree has been able to maintain their coverage (if under medicare age), for the cost or partial cost of the premium.

Is it necessary to have Medicare if you already have veterans medical benefits?

Medicare is used by the VA to keep their own medical care expenses down. When a veteran eligible for medicare is under their care, the VA will bill Medicare to help ensure all veterans can be taken care of adequately. If you are eligible for medicare, apply to help the VA maintain high quality medical care for other vets.

What type of coverage does Cobra Insurance offer?

Cobra is the health insurance taken by an individual to replace his employer subsidized health insurance while shifting between two jobs, in order to maintain his status of continuous coverage.

Is Medicare Part C the same as Medicare supplemental?

No it is not. Medicare Part C plans otherwise known as Medicare Advantage Plans are private insurers that maintain a contract with Medicare to provide Medical Coverage and/or Prescription Drug Coverage plus in some cases added benefits not usually covered by Medicare (like dental, vision, etc) Medicare Supplement plans which have been standardized into various benefit plans labeled from A-N work in conjuction with Original Medicare and provide supplement coverage for costs that are normally the responsibility of the beneficiary. For more information on Medicare Supplement plan types, go to the publication 'Choosing a Medigap Policy, page 9:

Do the laws about car insurance North Carolina say I have to have insurance on my car?

In most states, including North Carolina, you still have to maintain some form of car insurance coverage. If the car is paid off you can drop your policy from full coverage to liability insurance.

How long can I maintain Cobra Insurance after I lose my job?

You can maintain Cobra Insurance for about 18 months. The stimulus package that passed last year also enables greatly reduced fees for continuing health insurance coverage under COBRA.

If father is legally responsible to maintain health insurance for children but drops coverage what is mother's recourse?

Take him back to court.

Can a car be reposed for lack of insurance in ga'?


Where can you find the homeowners declaration page?

You will find the homewoners declaration page in your homeowners insurance package. The declaration page is a summary of the insurance you have paid for. The declaration page details out the coverage you maintain on your property.

What to Know about California Insurance Laws?

California car insurance laws require that all vehicles that are driven or parked on California roads maintain the minimum liability insurance covered required in the state. Insurance companies are required by state law to inform the California Department of Motor Vehicles of private-use vehicle insurance information. The information is stored in an electronic database. California car insurance laws do not require insurance companies to report on vehicles used for commercial purposes. California insurance laws allow the DMV to monitor insurance coverage and assess penalties for individuals who fail to maintain coverage. During a traffic stop, law enforcement officers are able to pull up vehicle information in the state's electronic database to determine if the vehicle has the proper insurance coverage.Minimum Coverage Required in CaliforniaIndividuals must carry proof of insurance coverage in their vehicles at all times, and present an insurance card when requested to do so by law enforcement, at the time of an accident or when renewing vehicle registration. California drivers must maintain coverage of private passenger vehicles with a minimum of $15,000 for injury or death to one person, $30,000 for injury or death to more than one person and $5,000 for property damage. Other types of financial responsibility to use in lieu of insurance coverage includes a $35,000 cash deposit made to the DMV or a $35,000 surety bond from a company licensed to do business in CaliforniaPenalties for Lack of Insurance CoverageSeveral penalties may be assessed to drivers who fail to maintain insurance coverage in the state of California. The DMV is notified when an insurance policy has been cancelled and a replacement policy has not been submitted to the DMV within 45 days. The DMV has the authority to suspend the vehicle registration on the uninsured car. Individuals who are nearing a vehicle registration suspension or have already experienced a suspension must submit their insurance information to the DMV along with the required reinstatement fee. Drivers without proper insurance coverage may also have their vehicles impounded. Drivers who cannot afford insurance may qualify for the California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program.

Can your car get repossessed for not paying your insurance?

IF your loan contract specifies that you must maintain insurance covering the vehicle, the answer is YES. Just an echo of the previous answer, most major lenders require that the vehicle maintain full coverage insurance. It states in your finance agreement that the vehicle must remain insured or it can be repossessed.

Can a car be repossessed due to cancelled insurance in South Carolina?

You would have to read the specifics of your financing contract. Generally you are required to maintain liability and comprehensive insurance coverage, and if you fail to do so then you are in default on the contract. Sometimes the contract allows the lender to immediately force you to buy their insurance at an outrageous price. Once you are in default, the lender may repo the car.

Will my children be eligible for a good student discount if they are home schooled?

Yes, even if they are home schooled, they are still eligible for a discount from auto insurance companies. But having good grades is not a guarantee that he'll automatically qualify for a lower insurance premium. He or she still must maintain a clean driving record.

What companies offer elderly car insurance?

AARP Auto Insurance offers car insurance for elderly people. In order to qualify for this insurance coverage, one must be at least 50 years of age, maintain a legal driver's license, and be mentally and physically able to drive.

Does insurance cover cost of windshield replacement?

If you maintain "comprehensive" coverage on the car, and the windshield replacement is not required because of ordinary wear and tear, it should be covered.

Can you get in trouble if you want to switch car insurance before your policy ends?

No you can fire them anytime you want but must maintain full coverage on a car if there's a lien.

Understanding Florida PIP Insurance Requirements?

The state of Florida requires all drivers to maintain personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) insurance coverage. Florida PIP coverage, also called Florida No Fault Insurance, pays for damage to your vehicle in the case of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.Understanding Personal Injury Protection in FloridaThe minimum amount of PIP insurance required for drivers in Florida is $10,000. The amount of coverage provided in the case of an accident is determined by the limits of your policy. PIP can also cover additional passengers in your vehicle, including your child, members of your household and other passengers who do not have PIP insurance. If a person riding in your car carries their own PIP insurance policy, their policy is responsible for paying for their injuries. Florida PIP insurance also covers your child if an injury occurs while riding on a school bus. You are also protected if injured while riding as a passenger in another person's vehicle. Florida drivers must maintain continual PIP insurance coverage while owning a motor vehicle in the state.Failing to Maintain Insurance Coverage in FloridaIf you fail to maintain the minimum amount of PIP insurance coverage required in the state of Florida, state law authorizes the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to suspend your driver's license. State law also authorizes the department to suspend your vehicle registration for up to three years or until you obtain the required insurance coverage and provide proof. If your driver's license or vehicle registration is suspended, you must pay a fee of $150 to $500. To avoid a driver's suspension in the state of Florida, you must voluntarily surrender your vehicle's license plate and registration before canceling your insurance policy.Other Types of Insurance CoverageState law also require Florida motorists to maintain a minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability coverage. This type of coverage pays for the damage you cause to another person's property, in the case of an accident. Another type of insurance coverage includes bodily injury liability insurance (BIL), which pays for serious injury or death of another person when you are found at fault. If the injured party sues you in a court of law, BIL can also provide you with legal representation.

Can your car be repossessed if you do not maintain insurance coverage on the vehicle?

An automotive loan usually contains a clause that says the loan recipient must maintain insurance on the car for the life of the loan. Usually, this includes not only the legal minimal liability insurance, but also theft, collision and fire insurance. If you are in breach of the loan agreement, your car may be subject to repossession, depending upon the terms of your loan agreement.

What is force-placed or lender-placed insurance?

A Bank or Mortgage company requires that the borrower maintain "hazard" insurance and list them as an additional insured. The "hazard" insurance is a homeowners or dwelling fire policy. If they do not receive proof of insurance coverage or if they receive a cancellation from the insurance carrier they will secure coverage on your behalf to "protect their interest" . This policy is usually a Fire Policy that Only covers the Bldg for the amount of the loan. It will not provide coverage for personal property or liability. The premium is high and they will simply increase the mtge payment to escrow the payment for this policy.

Can an insurance company require roof replacement to continue your insurance coverage?

Roofs require occasional replacement, generally every 20 to 30 years depending on the rating of your roofing materials. Some Insurance Companies will require you update your roof for continued coverage once it has reached it's expected lifespan. Some companies will allow you to exclude further roof coverage and maintain the rest of your policy.Answergive my roof back u ugly insurance company never trust nation wide to date

Insurance on 1985 peterbilt road tractor?

You would need to get quotes directly from the insurance company. As with insuring your personal vehicle, the insurance rates will vary dependent on the vehicle, and your own driving record. You will be required to maintain $1,000,000 of liability coverage, however - that part doesn't change.

What insurance coverage do you need for a ceramics business?

A Business owners package policy should cover your studio for some property and the liability of your product and premesis. You might need to add on property coverage for your products if they are expensive or you maintain a lot of inventory and I would be careful about how you value it for insurance purposes. If your business has employees you need work comp, if you have vehicles for the business you need to get commercial auto insurance.

Know the Insurance Requirements in Las Vegas?

If you are a resident of Las Vegas, you must maintain auto insurance coverage at all times on any vehicle that you own. Because car insurance is mandatory in Las Vegas, you can incur stiff penalties if you do not carry at least the minimum coverages required under Nevada financial responsibility laws.Required Liability Coverage in Las VegasLiability is the portion of your auto insurance coverage that is required under Nevada law. This coverage pays for vehicles and other property you damage if you cause a traffic accident. It also compensates pedestrians, passengers and drivers for injuries they sustain in an accident.Your policy must cover at least $10,000 for damage to property resulting from one accident. It must also cover $30,000 worth of medical expenses caused by an accident, subject to a cap of $15,000 for each injured person.Liability coverage in Las Vegas does not cover injuries you or any other covered driver sustain in a motor vehicle accident.Coverage Verification in Las VegasThe Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will send you a letter requesting verification of auto insurance coverage if it suspects that you have insurance. If you do not respond to the letter within 15 days, or you cannot provide proof of insurance, the Department will suspend your car registration. Evidence of insurance coverage in a state other than Nevada does not qualify as proof of coverage if you are a Las Vegas resident.You will have to pay a $250 reinstatement fee if the Department suspends your registration. You may also incur fines, depending on how long you went without insurance coverage. If you were without coverage for six months or more, you will incur a fine of $1,000. Fines are even higher if you are found to be without insurance coverage a second time.Qualifying Insurance CompaniesAs a Las Vegas resident, you must maintain a policy issued by a company that is licensed in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Insurance can provide you with a list of licensed insurance carriers.

Can home owners insurance fine you for not mowing your grass?

No, An insurance company will not fine you for failing to maintain your property. They can however cancel your insurance coverage or go up on your premium rate if they perceive an increased hazard or risk of loss due to negligence or a lack of interest in the condition of your home and property.

Is it illegal not to have home owners insurance on your house?

It's not illegal in that it does not violate the law. However, the contract documents that you signed in order to get your mortgage likely require you to maintain such insurance and to have it as a "loss payee" on the policy. If you do not maintain homeowner's insurance as required, the lender has the right to obtain "forced-placed" coverage to protect its interest in the property. It is limited in scope, far more costly than traditional homeowners insurance, and will be billed to your mortgage one will come and arrest you but if you have a mortgage and your insurance