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How do you make 'cot' and 'csc' on a TI-84 graphing calculator?

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From math class, some trigonometric identities:

cot x = 1/tan x

csc x = 1/sin x

sec x = 1/cos x

There are no built-in cot or csc formulas, so use the above.

Remember that these give errors when tan x, sin x, or cos x are equal to 0.

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How do you find cot on your Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus calculator?

The TI-83 does not have the cot button, however, if you type 1/tan( then this will work the same as the cot since cot=1/tan. The other way to do this is to type (cos(x))/(sin(x)) where x is the angle you're looking for. This works because cot=cos/sin

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