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What is fruitcake?

Answer:A fruitcake is a heavy spiced cake containing nuts and candied or dried fruits.

Can you use coconut oil to make pound cake instead of butter?

Might be too heavy, leading to soggy or a dense textured cake. You can substitute applesauce-the amount is half of what the recipe calls for.

What is the definition of thick English?

A heavy english accent

What is the word 'heavy' when translated from English to Japanese?


How do you say post office in spanish?

Correo is the proper Spanish word for "Post Office," but occasionally Hispanics that have a heavy English influence will say "Postal" instead of correo.

What can you use instead of heavy cream?

sour cream

What kind of fuel can be used instead of diesel?

heavy fuel oil can be ssed instead of diesel.

How heavy are English lops?

English Lops average about 11 pounds.

What does pesado mean in English?

it means heavy

How heavy are English Setters?

English Setters weigh from 29 - 36 kg.

Do you have you use heavy cream to make butter?

you can used heavy cream instead of butter it is just like butter

What does the art term impasto mean?

"Impasto" is a term which refers to the heavy application of paint to an artwork. It is a heavy, textured layer in which brush marks are usually visible in the finished product. Artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Rembrant van Rijn often used this technique.

Can you use heavy whipping cream instead of whipping cream?


What can you use instead of heavy cream when making ice cream?


Can use evaporated milk for pralines instead of heavy cream?

the answer is yes

What is the Luhya translation of heavy rainfall?

The Luhya translation of the English words 'heavy rainfall' is "Ifula isiro".

What is the French translation of the English word 'heavy'?

Lourd is a French equivalent of the English word "heavy".Specifically, the word is the masculine singular form of an adjective. The pronunciation is "loor". The feminine singular form, lourde, is pronounced "loord".

What is 'pesante' when translated from Italian to English?

Pesante in Italian means "heavy" in English.

Why do coniferous trees have needles instead of leaves?

They have needles instead of leaves because they can support the heavy weight of the snow better than leaves

What is heavy rain called in English with pieces of ice?

i believe hail

How do you say light as in not heavy in Japanese please use English characters?

You may say 'karui' (light) or simply 'omokunai' (not heavy).

Give the comparative and superlative adjectives for heavy?

That is not a question, but a statement. Statements in English are suffixed by period (.), not question mark (?).heavy - heavier - heaviest

Water that contains hydrogen 2 atoms instead of hydrogen 1?

it is called heavy water

Why is ice cream packed in a plastic container instead of a metal one?

because metal is heavy!!

Heavy woolen overcoat 19th century English oficer?

It is a Petersham overcoat.