How do you make Muslims eat the pork?


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I wonder what the question is about.

Any how, eating Pork is strictly and explicitly forbidden for Muslims to eat. Also forbidden in Judaism and Christianity religions although most Christians eat it.

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No. True Muslims don't eat pork.

No. They don't eat pork.

Muslims don't eat pork

Muslims don't eat Pork

Neither Muslims nor Jews are allowed by their religions to eat pork.

Yes. They are not allowed to eat pork.

Muslims in Turkey do. They eat wild boar.Mohammed also drank alcohol.

Muslims do not hate pork or any animal. They are just not allowed to eat pork meat.

No, per religion, Muslims neither eat pork nor drink alcohols.

Only the Arab Muslims don't eat pork. Arab Christians eat pork.

Anything but pork

Muslims cannot eat pork in any place; it is forbidden for all places and all times.

Almighty Allah (God) has forbidden them to eat pork.

yes...musims do eat w/ non Muslims..but Muslims don't eat pork..that's it..i tinnk...

Perhaps you mean the Muslims. They don't eat pork because Almighty Allah has forbidden them to eat pork.

Yes, Catholics may eat pork. Jews and Muslims cannot.

They are not allowed to eat pork because it is haraam.

No. Muslims can't eat pork, no matter if he is shia or sunni

Jehovah's Witnesses can eat pork if they wish, as long as it is properly bled. Jews and Muslims do not eat pork.

Muslims typically avoid pork is it is haraam.

they can eat anything but nothing with pork. and they cant eat anything that eats meat.

Muslims, Jews and even Christians are not supposed to eat pork as mentioned in the Quran and the Bible. Where as Muslims and Jews follow this strictly, the Christians do not, and freely eat pork although it is also prohibited for them also.

Muslims are not alowed to eat pork, they can eat all the other meats but they have to be halal.

They are Muslims, so they do eat what all other Muslims eat - halal food. And no pork!

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