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First, you need a couple of berries you wish to blend.

Now, fly or take a ferry over to Lilycove city and go to the Pokemon Contest. Inside, there will be berry blending stations where you will be able to blend.

(Your going to need a PokeBlock case.)

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How do you make friendship in Pokemon emerald?

If you put Soothe Bell on a Pokemon or give it Pokeblocks.

In Pokemon Sapphire where do you make poffins?

You cannot make poffins in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald but you can make pokeblocks at contest centers

Where do you make pokeblocks in emerald?

contest hall

How do you get you Pokémon happier?

certain pokeblocks can make Pokemon happier if your talking about Pokemon emerald or Sapphire, but generally the more you raise your Pokemon the happier they become.

How do you raise happiness in a Pokemon in emerald?

Give it the kind of pokeblocks it likes. find out at Mossdeep city what kind of pokeblocks it likes.

How do you make pokeblocks on Pokemon Silver?

Pokeblocks can't be made in silver.

How do you make blue pokeblocks in Pokemon emerald?

Look for a berry that has dry circled in red on its tag use it in the berry blender.

Pokemon emerald-What is the GameShark code to get pokeblocks?

try lol

How do you get max toughness in Pokemon emerald?

Feed them good pokeblocks from durin berries.

On Pokemon emerald is there a way to make your beauty go up without pokeblocks?

yes there are certain colour scarfs you can obtain which make thses stats increase

Whats pikachus favorite pokeblock in Pokemon emerald?

It depends on it's nature(personality) or if you're not sure, just give it yellow pokeblocks which is sour pokeblocks

Pokemon emerald how do you check what pokeblocks your Pokemon like?

look at profile To find out what type of PokeBlocks your Pokemon likes, go to Mossdeep City. Then go to the house directly behind the PokeCenter. Talk to the man in the house and he will tell you what types of PokeBlocks your lead Pokemon likes. To find out what another Pokemon likes, switch it with your lead one and then talk to him.

Where do you make pokeblocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

contest hall

How do you catch a natu in emerald?

You have to go to the Safari zone near lillycove city.There you will find a natu but you need pokeblocks you will find pokeblocks at slateport city at the Pokemon contest place in the place where you check in there will be a little girl that will give you pokeblocks.

How can you get pokeblocks in Pokemon HeartGold?

There are no PokeBlocks in HG/SS.

How do you make a Pokemon block on Pokemon emerald?

In the Contest Hall in Lilycove City, there are four Pokeblock Machines to the far east. You can either make it with one, two, three, or four people. Pokeblocks are fun to make and make your Pokemon stand out more in contests. :) good luck!

What is the code to gold pokeblocks in emerald?

Just use super rare berries to get gold pokeblocks.

Where do you get poffins in emerald?

You cant. They are called pokeblocks.

Where do you make pokeblocks on Pokemon Ruby?

You can make pokeblocks at any contest hall i would suggest blending berries at lilycove city's contest hall.

What does a liechi berry do in emerald?

A berry that is used to make pokeblocks. See related link for more.

What to do while wating for captian stern to dock in Pokemon emerald version?

Just cook PokeBlocks or goof. The choice is yours.

How do you get molitic in Pokemon emerald?

catch a febas, give it gold pokeblocks that raise its beauty, and raise it one more level

Your Pokemon wont eat pokeblocks emerald?

It doesn't like the kind you are trying to feed it, or it is full, or your game had a glitch, or your lying about this.

How do you get your Pokemon to get affection on Pokemon on Pokemon volcano?

Feed it Pokeblocks and make sure it doesn't faint in battles.

Why is your pokemon not eating anymore pokeblocks?

Pokemon can only have a set number of pokeblocks. Once they have eaten that set number, they will never be able to eat any more. The only way that you can get your pokemon all the way to the highest amount of a skill is to make really good pokeblocks.