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Assuming you have the Bluetooth Modem drivers installed in XP (SP2), first make sure the Bluetooth device is already paired with your PC.

Next, create a Bluetooth Dialup connection in your Network Connections (it may already be there).

Click on properties, and depending on your mobile phone and service, just enter in the number code to connect to your phone's internet connection. For example, a Nokia 6820 used *99# to connect. Otherwise, if you simply want to dial a land line for an ISP dial-up account, enter that number instead.

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Q: How do you make Windows XP Pro connect with the bluetooth phone as a modem?
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How do you connect to the Internet with Bluetooth?

We connect to the internet via bluetooth. You can access the internet only if there is a network bridge between your computer, and a ready network enabled computer, or you can access the internet via a bluetooth enabled cell phone, as modem; If your provider grants you permission.

Can the AT&T Z331 cell phone connect wirelessly with Bluetooth?

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How do you use a mobile phone as modem?

This is called tethering. Here are general instructions: # Physically connect your phone to your computer (this can be achieved via USB or Bluetooth) # Set up your computer to connect to your phone (your provider or manufacturer might provide software for this; ). # Set up a dialup connection and set your phone as the modem device. You can obtain the tethering access number from your service provider.

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How do you I connect my LG cookie to the internet on my mac computer?

Here are the steps I used to use my LG cookie as a modem for my macbook (Running Snow leopard) via bluetooth. 1) Ensure both the bluetooth on your LG cookie and Mac are turned on. 2) Go to the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and click "Set up bluetooth device" 3) Find the LG Cookie device (LG KP500) 4) Pair the mobile and Mac 5) A "Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup" should appear: Set Phone Vendor to "Generic" Phone Model to "GPRS (GSM/3G)" Leave Username and Password blank APN to CID to "1" And tick "Show modem status in the menu bar" 6) Then in the menu go to the modem status and click "Connect Bluetooth DUN" AND voila you should have the Internet on your mac!! Note: as the LG cookie is not 3G so load times can be slow

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