How do you make a 11 year old girl fall in love with you?

you cant. shes eleven. an eleven year old doesn't know what true love is.

The answer above me is totally wrong, when i was 9 i had what started out as just a ccrush, but everyday it grew stronger and more and more i longed for him. Except he was the one my best friend had been out with 3 times. In year six i was just in love, i would think about him every second of the day, dream about him, even accidentally call people him, and when he dumped me for my best friend when e said the words 'your dumped i felt something inside me drop and i have been sad every scince. i had my one shot at going out with him and since then i have been obsessed i dno what to do... HELP XOX

i have love a boy since i was 5 it doesn't matter what age they are but you can not that away there love to the person who wrote it first you are wrong but im sorry if your young love didn't end up so good but u can be 2 and have real love you dont know unless you are one of he people!