How do you make a 1997 Dodge Intrepid with a good battery start better in cold weather?

It gets dam cold where I am from (sometimes -50). Some ideas to consider:

* plug in block heater is the best bet and is always worth the minimal money spent using your plug in at home or at work. A cold morning start causes more engine wear than 100 miles of hard hiway driving. Shouldn't be too expensive to install or replace block heater(or cord) if necessary.

* use synthetic or semi synthetic 5W30 oil during coldest months. * Keep engine well tuned up so it starts easier, * buy gas at a newer service station that is popular and consistently sells lots of gas to the public to avoid buying water contaminated gas.

* could try premium fuel if desperate but electricity is cheaper

* Could try a battery warmer blanket but just as easy to plug in block heater. * if you can, park in a garage or shelter that keeps car out of the cold wind * If exceptionally cold (like -30+), start and let run until warm before you go to bed or during lunch hour at work.