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How do you make a 2006 Subaru STI gain more horse power?

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TO GAIN MORE HORSE POWER YOU NEED TO PUT A BIGGER TURBO AND TO BOOST THE PSI. Bigger, Fuel injectors,ECM upgrade, Intake, bigger intercooler, Exhaust.ect ect....

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How do i gain more horsepower?

by changing your horse power voult

How can you use your vehicle engine exhaust?

You can use it to power a turbo for the engine to gain horse power.

How much horse power can you gain from a supercharger?

by using a supercharger u get 30 to 40% more horse power than when compared to an engine with out a supercharger....

How much horsepower will you gain with a performance exhaust system on a 2006 Pontiac GTO?

15 to 20 horse.

Does a slight gain of horse power make a difference?

Of course it does, it still produces a slight increase of power therefore there is an increase in speed and is slightly faster.

How much horsepower will you gain with a cold air intake system on a 2006 Pontiac GTO?

5 or 10 horse.

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torque is at low rpm, horse power is at higher rpm. as you gain hp, you lose torque and vice versa.

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What is the average horse power gain on a 2000 mustang when a cool air intake is installed?

about 6.93 HP @ 4825 RPM and more with a tune

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How much increase in horse power is gained every degree the air temp drops going into your engine?

The amount of power gain depends on many factors. Engine size, intake system, altitude, etc. A 1 degree drop would gain you almost nothing.The amount of power gain depends on many factors. Engine size, intake system, altitude, etc. A 1 degree drop would gain you almost nothing.

Why CE configuration is most common?

CC gives only current gain, but no voltage gain; gives only limited power gainCB gives only voltage gain, but no current gain; gives only limited power gainCE gives both voltage and current gain; gives large power gain

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How can you get more power out of your 3.1?

well all that i have done to Monte Carlo 3.1 is chipped it which "said" that it should give it about 16 more horse power and i put a new cold air filter on it i cant really feel the power gain to much and i would also like to know what else i can do to gain some more hosepower

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