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First if your fat go to the gym, second buy it a performance kit, third go to www.partsforscooters.com they have a wide variety of performance parts for scooters, dirtbikes, and minichoppers at low prices. it is a good website to order from i recommend it.
if you are talking about a full size scooter you would have to get a CDI that has no rev limiter and remove restrictions in the variator and exhaust.

that is how you do it cheaply, of course there are mods available to improve performance.

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How do you make your motor scooter go faster if you have a 2 stroke engine?

An improved flow of air and fuel mix will make the scooter faster. You can do this with an aftermarket exhaust.

Will an electric blower that blows air into the air intake make a 43cc scooter go faster?

Yes it will make the scooter go faster, but you could run the chance of blowing parts in the moter if you do so

Make your e100 razor scooter go faster?

Unlock the gas on the handlebars

How do you make tgb 302 sport 49cc scooter go faster?

Throw it off a cliff....it will go faster

How do you make a DBX scooter go faster?

There are all kinds of kits to enhance speed of scooter even nitrous oxide look on e-bay

Which is better an electric or gas scooter?

a gas scooter it will go faster than an electric.

Does a throttle cable make a 50cc scooter faster?

unless the current cable doesn't move freely - no.

How do you make an Alta 49 scooter go faster?

Hey i put a 85cc upgrade kit in mine

Is a liquid cooled scooter faster that a air cooled scooter?

They would both be about the same for speed.

How do you make an izip scooter go faster?

In the box near the throttle, there is a limiter, you need to take the limiter out then enjoy!

Is it possible to make a 33cc gas scooter faster?


Do you need a license for a 50cc scooter?

you have to be a least 13 and you have to have a Hellman...only if the 50cc scooter is not faster then 50 mph

How do you derestrict a sym simply 50 scooter?

cdi unit only .or a blown up engine.answer get a faster scooter not a toy

Which would make your deck spin faster on your scooter a threaded headset or a threadless headset?

There's no doubt that a threadless headset will spin faster and last a lot longer then a threaded headset.

What performance parts do you need to make 49cc scooter go faster?

Answeru can put in a big bore kit or a rocket key to make it faster NAAAAGGGHHTTTTTWhat you have to do is strap a rocket to your back and lean forward. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DONT TURN THE ENGINE ON!!!

What is faster a 50cc scooter or 1600cc scooter?

why a 50CC of course providing it is going against a 1600CC that has a seized engine rolling downhill.

Does a sports exhaust make a 50cc scooter faster?

It will not really improve your top speed but it will give a better growl and have better acceleration and power on the hills.

How can you make a two wheel electric scooter go faster?

It depends what kind. With the ones with the raised back you could put a chainsaw motor on it. 45+

How do you make a razor e100 skooter go faster?

Either increase the size of the front sprocket or decrease the size of the rear sprocket. This will change the gear ratio and make the scooter faster. Although you need to kick harder to start the scooter. Also, I do not know of any sprocket mods available online so you would probably have to get it custom made which may be pricey.

How do you make the 150cc scooter faster?

There are performance kits for certain models of scooters on the internet. The quickest and easiest way to improve performance on a scooter is to replace the exhaust system/muffler. A performance muffler will free up air flow allowing your scooter to breathe better and will improve performance as well as gas mileage.

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