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download visual basic 6.0

go to YouTube type " how to make a Club Penguin trainer"

it will tell you how.

dos not work on windows & you need codes to activate it


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What is cp trainer on Club Penguin?

a club penguin trainer is a thing where you you can discover all the cheats in club penguin and make your penguin do that cheat.

Where is Club Penguin HTML?

you mean for a club penguin trainer or to make a widget for club penguin?

Is there a Club Penguin trainer for mac?

no there is not. no club penguin trainers.

How do you get to cp trainer?

The Club Penguin Trainer, or just CP trainer, is an illegal cheating device used by hackers on Club Penguin.

Loadswf for The-Ultimate-Club-Penguin-Trainer-Beta-2?


What is a cp trainer?

cp trainer is Club Penguin Trainer! Its club penguin cheats To download it copy and paste this word:

How do you download the club penguin make me famous trainer?

you shove your dick in the hardrive

Where can you find club penguin trainer 3?

Club penguin trainer 3 is not out yet. And now cp trainer 3 4 5 and more are out Yeah

How do you create a Club Penguin Trainer?

To make a club penguin trainer you will have to download visual basic 6 for windows only then click standard exe then look on youtube because i cant remember.

How do you download cp trainer for club penguin?

you need to have a HP computer and search it on google,''download cp trainer club penguin.''

What is penguin storm on Club Penguin?

Penguin Storm is a trainer that no longer works.

How can you get a black puffle in club penguin without membership?

with club penguin trainer 2

Were can you download The Ultimate Club Penguin Trainer Beta 2?

type in ultimate club penguin trainer beta 2 that's where i got it

How do you put your Club Penguin on cp trainer 2?

search Club Penguin Trainer 2 on the internet and you will find it just click download

Where can you download cp trainer 5 for club penguinhttpwikianswerscomqwhere can you download cp trainer 5 for club penguin?

You can download it from but i would get penguin impact 3 it has all the features in penguin trainer 5 and more

WHAT IS CP Trainer?

Club Penguin trainers are programs that people use to hack Club Penguin.

CP Trainer Club Penguin?


How do you get a CP Trainer for Club Penguin?

As many users have stated, do not get a CP Trainer. That tells Club Penguin that you are a hacker and they could temporarily or permanently ban you.

Where to download Club Penguin fire trainer? search that fire trainer there

On Club Penguin does Club Penguin trainer 3.5 get you banned?

I think you can but as I've seen you can unban yourself

How do you get ultimate Club Penguin trainer beta into Club Penguin?

Don't, they are viruses an will go into your account and ban you.

Why does club penguin blizzard doesnt work?

Its probably because club penguin have found out about the trainer and made a new version so the trainer wont work

How do you change my penguin name in Club Penguin?

you need a cp engien or trainer

Why my clubpeinguin cp trainer the ultimate club penguin trainer beta 2 doesn't work?

i think the new club penguin stoped it it happend to me too i think the new club penguin stoped it it happend to me too 657

How can you get into a full room on Club Penguin?

u have to get penguin storm penguin inferno or cp trainer

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