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You have to put the game in it and then put the action replay in the gameboy game slot.

2008-04-14 22:54:01
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Where can you get action replay for Game Boy Advanced?

Go to game stop

Does the action replay for Game Boy advanced work on Game Boy color games?

no you need the original action replay for game boy color no you need the original action replay for game boy color

What does an action replay for Game Boy advanced look like?


Is there Action Replay for Game Boy Advanced?

no but u can use a gameshark

Is there such thing as a Game Boy action replay?

no there is no action replay for gameboy advanced but if put the gameboy game in a ds you might be able to use it. hope this was helpful!

Can you use an action replay for DS for game-boy advanced games?


Where can you get an action replay for a Game Boy advanced sp?

go to gamestop and ask the people there for it. or just google action replay for gameboy sp

How do you get Pokemon Emerald on to your action replay?

you canot use action replay on game boy advanced. my friend has an action replay and used it on Pokemon ruby and sapphire but can't use it for Pokemon emerald?

Can the action replay card for ds also be used for a Game Boy advanced game?

A proper Action Replay for DS will not work with a GBA game in slot-2 of a DS console. But Action Replay Max Duo is a GBA cheat device, and will work in a DS.

How do you figure out action replay codes?

when you buy a action replay it should come with a code manager that puts codes on your action replay when you connect it to the computer (you get to manually pick which games from which region) so they work on the game you have.

How do you put the game card into the action replay?

If you have an Action Replay DSi, you can place the game into the slot in the back. If you have a regular Action Replay DS, you have to take out the Action Replay and put in the game.Hope that helps!

Why cant your action replay connect to your ds?

try taking it out then blowing on it and in the game slot then put it back in

Anyone know how to get a mew without action replay?

I'm afraid the only way to get it, other than by using the Action Replay, is to trade it from the Game Boy Advanced via the Pal Park.

How do you use action replay on Game Boy games?

use an sp or advanced put the ar in the slot then put the game in the slot on the ar

How do you put a game id on a action replay?

at the top of your action replay game list is a add new game option it tells you the game id of the game insterted in your action replay at the first screen

Is the game code on the action replay box or on the game?

rigt when you get into action replay its at the botom left

How do you put a game in an action replay?

You put in action replay then put your game in then enter a code.

How do you get action replay for Heartgold?

By buying the action replay game card.

How do you enter an action replay on Pokemon pltinum on Nintendo ds?

you just have to put the action replay in the game slot 1 then you put the game in the action replay

Is there an action replay for gameboy advanced sp?

There is something like that. It's called a game shark. Sorry, no idea where to buy it.

How do you get the action replay in platinum?

You have to buy an action replay cartridge at a video game store and put that in. It is not in the game.

What is a game shark and a action replay?

an action replay has cheats for ds a game shark has cheats gameboy

What happens if action replay doesn't say start game when the game is in action replay?

It's broken!

How do you get codes on to an action replay do you have to connect it up to the internet or can you just type the ones you know in and were do i find or get action replay codes HELP?

you download new codes using your PC that has downloaded the disc the action replay came with, to find new codes search on Google: action replay codes for [insert game name here]

My action replay dsi keeps saying game please make sure your game cartridge is inserted into you action replay before continuing and i have inserted it What is wrong?

your game is not registered in the action replay