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How do you make a Luchador Mask?

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How do you tie a luchador mask?

The same way you tie a shoe.

Why rey mesterio is masked?

Rey Mysterio is a luchador. Luchador's wear colorful clothing, and have accesories such as capes and mask. His mask is apart of his Hispanic heritage, and taking it off in the ring is disrespectful to all Luchador wrestlers.

What actors and actresses appeared in Luchador - 2008?

The cast of Luchador - 2008 includes: Dirceu de Carvalho as Luchador

Who would win in a fight a Sumo or Luchador?

I bet on the sumo sitting on the luchador. but if the luchador gets him on his back, the sumo wrestler is screwed.

What actors and actresses appeared in Luchador Love - 2007?

The cast of Luchador Love - 2007 includes: Joseph Basile as Luchador Luchador Girl as Talia Page Kevin Honegger as Mysterious Mexican Mimi Jefferson as Luchador Mom Andres Mejia as Rastaman Marta Millans as Nina Jacqueline Tse as Notebook Girl Ken Yamagushi as Street Kid

What does the word luchador mean?

Luchador is Spanish for the word fighter, or wrestler. Lucha Libre, or wrestling, is a very popular sport in Latin America, in particular Mexico where luchadores where masks to make the events more festive.

What is the spanish word for wrestler?


How do you say wrestler in Spanish?


What actors and actresses appeared in El luchador - 2009?

The cast of El luchador - 2009 includes: Angela Boj Luis Filgueira

What does the word fighter mean in Spanish?


What is another spanish name for Guerrero?


What actors and actresses appeared in El luchador implacable - 2006?

The cast of El luchador implacable - 2006 includes: Alberto Del Rio

What actors and actresses appeared in Luchador Records - 2011?

The cast of Luchador Records - 2011 includes: Anna Llubera as Ladrona Txema Lorente as Hombre robado

Are Mexican wrestlers' masks copyrighted or trademarked?

The masks of a luchador are not copyrighted, but each one is unique. Each mask is symbolic of a single wrestler and are so highly valued that removing one is considered a grave insult.

Why does Rey Mysterio wear a mask?

It is a tradition of Mexican professional wrestling, called lucha libre. The wrestlers are known as luchadores, and the masks are known as máscaras. The mask represents the character they are portraying, often some sort of animal, deity, or legendary hero. In the same tradition, the character follows the mask. In Mexico, if Rey Mysterio took off his mask, he would be called Óscar Gutiérrez (though he might still be referred to by his ring name by some, especially those who don't know his real name). If he then gave his mask to another luchador to wear, that person would become Rey Mysterio while he wore the mask.The mask, to a luchador, gives him an opportunity to be someone or something bigger than himself - larger than life, as it were. It is considered a grave insult to unmask a luchador, and is often grounds for disqualification if it happens during a match. Luchadores will sometimes put their mask up for wager in certain matches, like to entice a champion to put his title on the line as well.Some have said that Rey Mysterio's mask is meant to hide a childlike face, which is blatantly untrue. He is not embarrassed about his face, but rather embraces the rich history and tradition of lucha libre. To suggest anything else would be insulting not only to Rey Mysterio, but also to Sin Cara and the thousands of luchadores in all parts of the world, past and present.

Is rey mysterio a solder?

No hes a Luchador (Mexican wrestler)

How do you say fiesty in spanish?

luchador(a) ( take off a for man)

How do you make a mask that gets rid of freckles?

Sorry but there is no such mask.

What are the ratings and certificates for Vecinos - 2005 El luchador 1-6?

Vecinos - 2005 El luchador 1-6 is rated/received certificates of: Mexico:B USA:TV-PG

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i want to make a mask that would be strong and last for long, and it's not supposed to be a mask that you wear, any suggestions for materials and such?

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