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You have to go out and find a vampire at night. ( they hqve red eyes and super light skin ) then u must befriend it and select change to. after a few days u got a vampire! (a vampire ghost is cool to)

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Can you make your sim alien and vampire?

Yes, your sim has to be born an alien, then get bitten by a vampire.

What is a cheat in sims 2 to make your sim a vampire?

After you type in this cheat you must press shift and click on the sim you want to make a vampire, click more, then click make vampire, after a sec your sim will be a vampire, Have fun! The Cheat is: Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

How do you make yourself a vampire on sims 2?

you can use a cheat. when in the neighbourhood, use the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" cheat. then enter the house of the sim you want to make a vampire. when that sim is selected, hold down shift and them click on your sim. a menu of actions should appear, and one of them is to make your sim a vampire. click it, and your sim will become a vampire.

How do you make your sim a vampire without getting bit?

well, there are certain downloads that can turn your sim into a vampire.

How To make your sim a vampire on The Sims 3 late night?

Yes you can make your sim a vampire by going out at night and finding one if you see one you have to make him/her be your friend and ask to turn you into a vampire

Can vampires be pregnant on The Sims 3?

Yes Vampire Sims can become pregnant in the sims 3. In fact vampirism is genetic in sims 3. eg: Sim+Vampire= Sim/Sim/Vampire/Vampire Sim+Sim=Sim Vampire+Vampire=Vampire

How do you make your sim a vampire on The Sims 2?

to make your sim a vampire you need the Nightlife expansion. then you need your sim to go downtown during the night to try and find a vampire. you might not find them right away but keep looking. there is a male and a female vampire, and either one can turn you into a vampire. once you find a vamp (they have pale bluish skin and red eyes) you have to become friends with the vampire. when you're friends, the vampire will bite your sim and then your sim will be a vampire! make sure to buy a coffin for them to sleep in and stay out of the sun!

How do you make sim a vampire?

To make vampires in sims2, you need 4 things: -a control-able person -a vampire friend -enough influence points to influence your vampire friend -a victim First, you need to take your sim to find your vampire. Next, influence your vampire to "bite _____". The vampire will then go over to that sim, and bite 'em. You will see purplish sparks and then the bitten sim will be a vampire. For sims3, there is no true way to make a vampire that bites and burns in the sunlight, but you can go to websites such as thesimsresourse and download gray skin, fangs, and scars to make your sim look like a traditional vampire.

Is there a potion to turn into a vampire?

No but there is a potion to turn your Sim from a vampire Sim and into a normal Sim again, but you have to call the matchmaker and ask her for it. You can use cheats, too, SHIFT+CLICK, and make them an instant vampire.

How do you make your sim a vampire without sims 2 nightlife?

you can't u can only make your sim a vampire in sims 2 nightlife and sims 3.

Can you get a potion to make your sim vampire to be able to go into the daylight?

No, but you can get a potion to make your Vampire Sim be a normal Sim again. It's from the matchmaker. Its called Something-D, I can't rememebr the actual name.

How do you make your sim a vampire on Sims 3 the code for making vamps on sims 2 doesnt work on 3?

My guess is that you can't make your sim to a vampire on the sims 3.

In the sims 3 can you make vampires get married?

Yes you can the vampire sim can do the same as a normal sim.

How do you make a vampire in the sims 2?

your sim either has to be bitten by a current vampire, if you are good friends with that vampire they will try to bite your neck. Alternatively type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' (without quotes) and then shift click on your sim and select 'make vampire' ~Ashley

How do you make your sim a vampire without nightlife?

To make your sim a vampire you: 1. Press ctrl, shift and c at the same time. 2.Type in to the box: BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true 3. Click on the sim you want to turn into a vampire while holding down the shift key. 4. Out of the options it gives you, click on more, then click on Make Vampire (or you may have to click on spawn before that) 5. Hopefully, you now have a vampire!

Can you make your vampire sim turn to a bat on The Sims 3?

They can't.

Vampires on sims 2?

Find a vampire and make best friends with it and then click on it. Put 'Make Selectable'. When you are the vampire, click (i forget what) then 'Bite'. Your Sim will become a vampire.

How do you make your Sim a vampire after it has made friends with a vampire?

If you are talking about the sims 2 for the computer, I can help. If you want to be a vampire, you don't have to be friends with one. Open up the cheat box (shift ctrl c at the same time) while you are playing the game and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotes. Then press shift and click on the sim you want to be a vampire (you have to be playing that sim for it to work) then click more until you see the option make vampire. Clcik on it and your sim will be a vampire! Hope this helped! :-)

Can you make a sim a vampire without being bitten?

Want your sim to become a vampire? Follow these instructions! Type in this cheat: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true Now, the easy way once this cheat is typed in is to hold shift and click on the sim you want to become a vampire. Now, choose the option make vampire and hey presto! you have a vampire! Or you could do it this way once you have typed in the cheat: Go downtown, and go to midnight flows (its called something like that) Note: Go at night! Once there look out for a vampire (You can tell its a vampire because they put there arm across their face, and they have pale skin) Hold shift and click on the vampire. Choose make selectable Now greet the vampire so your sim and the vampire have a relationship bar. Drag your sims relationship bar with the vampire to the right. Do that to both bars so it is 100 on each. Now select the vampire and do the same so his/her relationship with your sim is also 100 now there are two ways to do this 1) get the controllable vampire to bite your sim (should be an option to bite neck) 2) Make the vampire unselectable (by pressing shift and click make unselectable) and wait for him/her to bite your sim either way, you should soon have a vampire! By the way, its best not to make a teenager a vampire because they will burn up when going to school! Have Fun!

Can a vampire sim kill a regular sim?

No they cannot.

How do you turn into a vampire on the 2ims 2 PC?

You open the cheat box{shift-ctrl-c together.} Then you tipe in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". Then press enter. Then hold shift and click on your sim. Then click "more" until you find "make vampire". Then you click on it. Make sure that your vampire doesn't go out into the sun, because then he will be killed. That is how to make your sim a vampire.

How Do You Scare a Sim on Sims 2?

what you can do is get some one to die on the residence that your sim is on (you can have some one live there before hand and make them die, then move in your sim) and make sure that there is a tombstone,not an urn. then at night the person who died would come and haunt your sim. Or in Sims 2 Nightlife, you can make a Sim a vampire and have that Sim in a coffin and when they are asleep in that coffin, another Sim can dare another Sim to death or peak at the vampire

How do you turn vampire sims to age?

get the elixr of life aspiration reward. Make your sim go into aspiration failure. Then use the elixr of life. It will skip 3 days. Make your sim a human (for a minute) and go into the next phase of life. Afterwoods, turn your sim into a vampire again. Have fun! :D

How can you bite someone when your a vampire on sims?

To bite another sim when your sim is a vampire.... 1. The vampiric sim must first become best friends with the human sim. 2. You click on the human sim. 3. You select 'Bite Sim' and then the human sim will become vampiric.

How do you make your sim a human from a vampire in sims 3 late night?

You must go to the Science center and buy a vampire cure, and drink it.