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You can put chest Rub to make It go away

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โˆ™ 2012-07-21 02:37:18
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Q: How do you make a bitten lip go away?
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Does the L'oreal Just Bitten lip-stain work?

I have recently bought some of the lip-stains and I would highly recommend buying them! They are amazing and my go to lip product now!

What do you do if bitten by a black snake in Ohio?

If you get bitten by a black snake, you need to go to the hospital right away!!

How do you remove a lip ring that you have bitten closed?

ouch, that's sounds nasty. go back to where you got your lip pierced. if you can't just go to another one or try and use pliers

A bust lip go away?

idk (i don't know) my busted lip it's like new : (

How long does a fat lip take to go away?

Depends if its a big fat lip or a small fat lip. If its small 2-3 days!

How do you make a swollen lip go down?


How long does it take a fat lip to go away?

5 to 8 days.

Is a gangster snake poisonous?

No. If you are bitten it will be fine. It will hurt for a little bit but then the pain will go away

If you are bleaching your upper lip and by mistake you put some bleach where there wasn't hair and you have a red spot like a bleach burn...when will it go away and how can you make it go away sooner?

ull just hav 2 wait. its a chemical burn. it will go away eventually.

What can you do about a painful lump on the vaginal lip?

Just leave it alone, and it will go away. That's what I did.

Why does beer go flat if you wear lip gloss?

Because lip gloss contains fats, and fats make beer go flat.

Is there a way to get a busted lip to go away faster?

To get a busted lip to go away faster, apply ice as soon as possible. Ice will help to reduce the swelling and also take some of the pain away. Taking an anti-inflammatory medicine may also help.

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