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* You can shampoo your hair and then once shampoo it, grease it with grease and dry it. Once that process is finished then all you do is flat iron it.(It works better if you have longer hair), but it still works if your hair is shorter.You just flat iron it and comb through it. * Some black people's hair can be dry, brittle or very tightly curled and frizzy if long and can be a frustrating problem. There are some excellent Hair Straighteners on the market (advertised on TV) that don't damage your hair; straighten it and leave it straight and shiny (even an appliance for a slight curl or two) and I've seen it done on a black woman with very frizzy fly away hair and it was amazing how well this hair straightener worked. Here are two links: This is the one I saw on TV: I am sure you will be very happy with the results.

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Q: How do you make a black person's hair texture like a white person's texture?
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How does zendaya get her hair so pretty if she is black?

Because she I half and half she is African and American, so the color of her hair is more like a black persons but the texture of her hair is like a white persons.

How do you make a white person's hair texture like a black person's texture?

they can just put affros and dreadlocks.

Why do ppl call mixed ppl colored?

If you are mixed with white and black you are no longer white your skin is not fully white anymore and your hair isn't like white peoples hair any more but it might have that texture

Why does black people have the worst texture hair?

Don't be so harsh on the black race. It's not just black people. White people have weird textures also. It's all genetic. If your family does not have good hair texture then you won't either. Try hair treatments, they might help. :D

What does a black persons hair feel like?

Like hair...

Is a black persons hair the same as an apes?


If your half black and half white can you still have messy rocker hair?

Absolutely! However, the way you achieve this style depends on the thickness and texture of your hair. Yes of course you can.

How do you get black people's hair to be like white people's hair?

I don't know if you're a female or male, but some girls straighten their hair with a straightener to make their hair straighter - from blacks, to brunettes, to blondes.In truth, you cannot. Even with products geared towards straightening a black person's hair, far more texture is felt in the hair even while straight than that of a white person's hair texture. While it will have the appearance of falling flat to the scalp like a white person, it still won't truly "be like" a white person's since black people's hair isn't meant to grow that way.

How do you fix badly burnt hair?

if you have like black people texture of hair you can use dr.miracle. But if you have White people hair texture you can wash your hair reallly good everyday and probaly 3 times a day so it will probaly change back to how it was. I hope it works if it doesnt im sorry.

Can a white person get a hair relaxer?

Yes. Relaxers go by the TEXTURE OF YOUR HAIR, not the COLOUR OF YOUR SKIN.

How do you make my white hair black?

You can Make Your Hair turn Black By Buying Black hair dye Then Dye Your hair with it

How do black guys get long curly hair?

well it depends on the type of texture.

What does bleaching black hair cause?

White hair

How do you make black male hair wavy?

Find a texture paste - I use Pantene - and scrunch you hair up with it in.

Do black hair have different hair textures from white hair?


Does white hair turns to black?


What colour hair did Zeus have?

Black or white Its said that Zues had black hair, but its possible he has grey hair.

Will Kristen Stewart dye her hair black?

She had black hair for Snow White and The Runaways.

How do you get white hair to change to black hair naturally?

You cannot

Is black hair emo?

no! when i was young i had white hair and i was emo

Can using hair dye change the texture of the hair?

Coloring can change the texture of hair if texture is understood as the thickness of the hair shaft or the feel of the hair itself. It will not; however, change the texture of the hair if one is referring to how curly or straight the hair appears.

Does white hair turn black again?

No, white hair can't turn black again. You could dye it black. But you have to do it continually because it does fade.

How do you get waves if your half white and half black?

Well from what Ive seen is because of their parents hair texture. I'm mixed white and black and I have wavy/curly hair. My mom's hair is straight and my dad's hair is curly. It's all based on genetics. This doesn't always happen but it's likely to happen when mixing a curly haired person with a straight haired person.

Black hair growth?

Black hair grows just like any other type of hair. However, black hair, because of its texture, tends to be more fragile than straighter hair. However, with the correct maintenance techniques, black hair can grow and be healthy. For info on growing black hair, visit the link below.

Is there any such thing as gray hair or does the hair simply look gray because of the mixture of colored and white hairs?

There is something called gray hair as there is both black , white and that hair in between black and white is seen as gray hair.