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How do you make a black person's hair texture like a white person's texture?

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2009-01-07 09:10:46

* You can shampoo your hair and then once shampoo it, grease it

with grease and dry it. Once that process is finished then all you

do is flat iron it.(It works better if you have longer hair), but

it still works if your hair is shorter.You just flat iron it and

comb through it. * Some black people's hair can be dry, brittle or

very tightly curled and frizzy if long and can be a frustrating

problem. There are some excellent Hair Straighteners on the market

(advertised on TV) that don't damage your hair; straighten it and

leave it straight and shiny (even an appliance for a slight curl or

two) and I've seen it done on a black woman with very frizzy fly

away hair and it was amazing how well this hair straightener

worked. Here are two links: This is the one

I saw on TV: I am sure

you will be very happy with the results.

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