How do you make a bracelet?

Firstly, it really depends on whether you want to make an elastic bracelet or a wire bracelet or a chain bracelet, etc...

If you want to make an elastic bracelet it is really quite simple.

You will need- A piece of elastic, some beads and some scissors

1. Start by measuring how big you want the bracelet to be by wrapping it round your wrist and settling on what feels comfortable.

2. If you are making a bracelet with very large beads you may want to add a couple of extra cms on to your length. Remember, you can always trim away the excess wire if the bracelet is too big but you cannot add more elastic to make the bracelet longer.

3. Once you have decided on your length, cut your piece of string according to that length.

4. Now you have you piece of elastic cut to the size you want. Next tie a knot at one end of the piece of elastic to ensure that when you are threading the beads, none of the beads fall off.

5. Always make sure that the knot is bigger than the hole for the beads, otherwise they will fall off. Also when tying your knot, the elastic may spring back out at you, if this happens hold the knot in place and tie a couple more very tight knots.

6. You are now ready to thread the beads onto your piece of elastic. Think carefully about the color combination of your beads and the size, as although these things may not seem relevant at the start, you may find that the bracelet will look, interesting when you are finished. And remember, sometimes the most simplest of patterns can look the most effective.

7. Once you are satisfied with the beading arrangement on your piece of elastic you are ready to transform it into a bracelet.

8. Take both ends of the elastic and tie them together securely. Once you are happy with the knots you have made you are ready to wear your bracelet.