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Surgery is the only way to help this and if it's just a small bump and you are a female learning the right techniques with make-up can cover it up. In order to have successful surgery the patient should be 17 or older (after they have basically finished growing.)

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How do you get smaller feet with out surgery?

well you can do painful footbind it would be a very painful process without surgery most people who do it without had their feet bound when they were infants i recommend staying with your natural foot size. ing

Who would go in to have vasectomy surgery?

The ones who would want to have a vasectomy surgery would be men who would want to have sex without impregnating a woman. They could have sex without having to use a condom.

How long does it take for a torn ligament behind the knee to heal without surgery?

Without surgery I would think a while but if i were you i would go ahead and check with your doctor just incase

Can i make my breast small?

ya, u can get them smaller with a surgery. um i have big breats but i amproud of it. i would make them smaller mayb e but i am only 17

How do you make your breast smaller without surgery?

You could try exercises that strengthen the chest muscles. It wont shrink the breast but it will firm them making them appear smaller. There are also some plastic surgery techniques that are non invasive (meaning they wont cut you open). One is lipo suction and one is the lipo dissolve but the plastic surgeon would have to judge wheather that was the best way.

What kind of surgery would you have to have to become a women?

You choose good answer you need to use a wig.

Is circumcision covered under fmla?


Is there a way to add thickness without pills or surgery?

Why would you want to add thickness?

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What is the purpose of tubal surgery?

The purpose of tubal surgery is to cause one not to become pregnant anymore. So if one does not want to worry about pregnancy than one would have tubal surgery.

Can a woman become pregnant if she has her tubes tied and burned and not have reverse surgery?

That would be extremely unlikely.

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What college degree do you need to become a surgeon?

You would need a medical degree and residency in surgery to become a surgeon. If you become a registered nurse, you could assist a surgeon.

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It is smaller than but if it was rounded to 1 decimal point then it would become 0.9

Why would somebody get eyelid lift surgery?

A person would get eyelid lift surgery for a number of different conditions such as removing bags and puffiness from under the eyes and upper eyelids. Occasionally, a person's vision can become impaired and the surgery helps to correct the problem.

What kind of doctor would carry out eye surgery?

An ophthamologist would be the doctor that would carry out eye surgery. The most common types of surgery are Lasik surgery, cataract surgery, and glaucoma surgery.

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Why would sodium cloride be used in humans and is it available with or without precription?

it was given to me by my doctor after having surgery

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What do you call a doctor who gives surgery to animals?

This would be a veterinarian. Some veterinarians take additional training and studying to specialize in surgery and become board certified veterinary surgeons.

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How can i become female if im male?

You would need to talk to your doctor. It will involve extensive counselling, and major surgery.

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