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How do you make a car that is turning over start?


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2015-07-15 19:51:27
2015-07-15 19:51:27

You have to fix the problem causing it first. Find out what is missing. On some newer cars, it is easier to check for spark, than it is for gas. On other newer cars, it is hard to find out either, or, because of their lack of having high tension wires. What year/type car do you have? E-mail above.


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The most common reasons for a car not to turn over or start are a bad starter, a bad starter solenoid, or a wiring problem. If the car is turning over. check the engine for fire to the spark plugs.

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When your car has difficulty turning over and doesn't start right up

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For sure! Cold makes the oil get thick, and thick oil keeps the engine from turning over fast enough to start. Also, the amount of electricity available from the car's battery is much less in cold weather, again keeping the engine from turning over fast enough to start.

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If the Car didn't start with the key turning the ignition then the car was "hotwired" to turn the Car on.If the key did not start the car, how was it started.

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Assuming you are referring to an Expedition, your vehicle is turning over but will not start?It is possible forthere is no spark from the plugsno fuel is getting to the spark plugsIs the car turning over or is there a click a few times? If you have a click, click, click, then check your starter.

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