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You have to fix the problem causing it first. Find out what is missing. On some newer cars, it is easier to check for spark, than it is for gas. On other newer cars, it is hard to find out either, or, because of their lack of having high tension wires. What year/type car do you have? E-mail above.

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Q: How do you make a car that is turning over start?
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Why doesn't car start?

The most common reasons for a car not to turn over or start are a bad starter, a bad starter solenoid, or a wiring problem. If the car is turning over. check the engine for fire to the spark plugs.

How do you know when you need a new starter?

When your car has difficulty turning over and doesn't start right up

Will cold weather make your car not start?

For sure! Cold makes the oil get thick, and thick oil keeps the engine from turning over fast enough to start. Also, the amount of electricity available from the car's battery is much less in cold weather, again keeping the engine from turning over fast enough to start.

What happens when the car starts but the key won't start the car?

If the Car didn't start with the key turning the ignition then the car was "hotwired" to turn the Car on.If the key did not start the car, how was it started.

1997 spedition crank but no start?

Assuming you are referring to an Expedition, your vehicle is turning over but will not start?It is possible forthere is no spark from the plugsno fuel is getting to the spark plugsIs the car turning over or is there a click a few times? If you have a click, click, click, then check your starter.

Why won't my 1976 volkswagen bug start?

That is too vague of a question. when you turn the key do the dash lights come on (two red lights on speedo). If so, when you turn the key to start the car, does the engine try to turn over? Is it turning over and not starting, or not turning over? or is nothing happening?

How do you know if it's your starter that is making your 1997 Honda Passport not start?

First make sure your battery is fully charged. Crank the car, if the engine is turning over (moving) your starter is working. HTH

Why is your car turning over but no fuel goes to injectors 98 Civic EX to start it?

Could be fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

Try to start car turn key in ignition and just goes click the engine not turning over or even trying to start?

Try getting a new fuel filter.

What part would I need if the car cranks but doesnt turn over?

Cranks is the motor turning over, But cranks and won't start means either you no fuel or no spark or both.

On a 2002 Chevy Cavalier everytime someone tries to start the car the motor doesn't turn over but horn blows Why?

someone sabotaged your car. either that or you need to stop leaning on steering wheel to start the car. Try turning the key instead.

98 Chrysler cirrus will not turn over or start and everything else electrical works?

Have you tried jumping the battery. If yes and that didn't work, and the car sounds like it is trying to start but not turning over it is proably your distributer.

Does a bad catalytic converter stop car from turning over?


What could be the cause for a car to not start?

The engine may be too cold or the batteries may be out. Is the car turning over but not starting? If it wont even crank, first thing to do is charge battery or jump it. Then we can go from there, however I need more info and we can start going through diiferent steps to figure out why it wont start. First make sure you have power from battery.

You hit a snow bank your car wont start?

If you hit a snow bank, you may find your car won't start if the engine or starter has sustained damage. Physical damage prevents the engine from turning over properly to allow combustion.

Why my 2000 crown Victoria won't start I change the starter?

There could be quite a few reasons why the car won't start. If cranking or turning over the engine is the problem and the starter is good, it may be the battery. If the engine turns over but won't start you have bigger problems...

Why does car make a whistling noise when turning off the car?

Possible vacuum leak

What is wrong if you put the key in the ignition and it wont turn to turn on to start the car?

key is worn... jiggle it whilst turning... make a new key

What relay has to be changed for the car to start?

If the car turns over, gets gas and just will not start try the ignition module. CAR TURNS OVER

Saturn s-series 2001 changed the battery now the car will crank over but wont start whats up with the security system?

If you changed the battery on a Saturn S-Series 201 and the car will crank over, but won't start, the security system needs reset. Do this by inserting the key and turning it halfway. Leave it this way for 10 minutes before trying to start the car.

Does a car turning into a parking lot accelerate?

Not usually unless he is going to slow to start of with.

Why when I start to start car dead its dead then 5 minutes later car starts?

Something is cooling down. As things cool,they shrink. As parts heat up they expand. So,for example, you have a weak connection in your starter, when it expands the connection is lost. When the car cools down, the connection is re-established. I would start with the starter if the car isn't turning over.

Can the fuel filter prevent your car from turning over to start?

not necessarily, only if the filter is completely clogged will it cause the engine not to start. this rarely happens suddenly. you would notice a sever lose of performance first.

My car is firing but not turning over without starter fluid then dying?

the car will not fire unless it will turn over , so the question makes no since.

Car will not start clicking when turning the key?

Dead battery or dirty/loose battery connection.