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well you need 12 2 inch Styrofoam balls and 6 1 inch Styrofoam balls, you'll need poster paint and a coat hanger oh yeah and string..

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How would you make a 3D magnesium atom model?

magnesium atom model 2D

Why a carbon atom cannot make 4 bonds with another carbon atom?

Its all because of the electron dencity around the nucleus.when a carbon atom makes 3 bonds with another carbon atom there exists 1 sigma bond and 2 pi bonds,but it needs very high energy to have 1 sigma bond and 3 pi bonds that's why a carbon atom cannot make 4 bonds with another carbon atom.

What types of particles make up a carbon atom?

A carbon atom is made up of six neutrons and six electrons.

What two elements make up carbon monoxide?

Carbon and Oxygen, carbon monoxide is CO, each molecule contains one atom of carbon and one atom of oxygen.

Is 1 atom of carbon a molecule or element?

One carbon atom is an element. You must have two or more atoms to make a molecule.

How many bonds can a carbon atom make?

it can only make 4

Is carbon in the inside a atom or outside an atom?

Carbon is an atom.

What elements combine with carbon to make organic compounds?

carbon and any other atom

What elements make up carbon monoxide?

Carbon and oxygen : CO. Carbon monoxide is made of one carbon atom and one oxygen atom. Highly reactive within the human bloodstream.

What is the largest number of atoms a carbon atom can bond to with all triple bonds?

Carbon can only make a triple bond with 1 atom.

What do you mean by 1 atom of Carbon and 1 gram atom of Carbon?

One atom of carbon is one atom of carbon. One gram atom of carbon is the atomic weight (14 in the case of carbon) in grams, so it would be 14 grams of carbon.

What do you get when you add one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms?

One carbon atom and two oxygen atoms make up a molecule of the compound carbon dioxide, CO2.

Is carbon monoxide an element?

No. Elements make up carbon monoxide, (CO) but it itself is a compound. it is a compound of 1 atom of carbon and one (mono) atom of oxygen (oxide) .

Which is smaller a monomer or a carbon atom?

a carbon atom. (because a monomer is made of a single carbon atom)

What is the difference between a carbon atom and a helium atom?

How is the carbon atom different from the helium atom?

What atom form double bond in amino acid glycine molecular model?

Carbon with oxygen.

Haw many bonds can each carbon atom make?

Carbon makes 4 bonds.

What do you need to make carbon dioxide?

You need one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen

Why is carbon monoxide is or is not an atom?

Carbon monoxide is a molecule consisting of one oxygen atom and one carbon atom.

What is the difference between an atom of carbon -14 and an atom of carbon -12?

The atom of carbon-12 has 6 neutrons and the atom of carbon-14 has 8 neutrons.

What is adjacent carbon atom?

The adjacent carbon atom means the carbon atom next to, or beside, the atom of interest. For example, in an aldehyde, the carbon that has the double bond to oxygen is called the carbonyl carbon. The adjacent carbon is called the alpha (α) carbon.

What atom make up charcoal?

carbon,hydrognand oxygen make up charcoal

Show a picture of a carbon atom?

Showme a carbon atom

How many covalent bonds each carbon atom make?

Carbon can form four covalent bonds.

How do you make an atom model of beryllium?

u need to make a goana first....

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