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What type of a vole does a nun make?

Nuns are women in religious orders. I can't see how a nun can make a vole, which is a kind of water rat.

Are voles found in Romania?

Yes such as Water voles vole, Bank vole, Field vole, Common vole, Southern vole, European, Pine vole, Tatra voleand probably more.

How do you make a trap?

Be specific. How to make a trap for what.

What color is a vole?

a vole is usually brown..

Where does a vole live?

A vole lives in a hole in the ground.

Will a vole eat insects?

A vole is an elephant dummy

Why are Mexican vole endangered?

The Mexian Vole is not endangered.

Is a meadow vole a carnivore?

no. the meadow vole is a herbivore.

What eats a meadow vole?

a vole is eaten by a barn owl

What is the scientific name for a vole?

Long Tailed Vole =Microtus longicaudusMeadow voleMicrotus pennsylvanicusSinging voleMicrotus miurusSt. Matthew Island voleMicrotus abbreviatusTundra voleMicrotus oeconomusYellow-cheeked voleMicrotus xanthognathusWestern heather volePhenacomys intermediusNorthern red-backed voleClethrionomys rutilusSouthern red-backed voleClethrionomys gapperiThese are some of the Voles that live in the cold areas of the world. For example, Alaska- Canada- Greenland- Siberia.So Sorry If I didnt include all of them in the world.:)

What nature word start with the letter V?

violet, vine, vultures, volcano, valerian, valley, vanilla, vegetable, venus fly trap, viper, vixen, vole

Where is Vole hole 2 HorseIsle?

Where is Vole Hole 2?Vole hole 2 is in appleton, below the " rent a horse " pen.

Where are the vole holes on HorseIsle?

Vole Hole #1 Earton, Horse Isle.Vole Hole #2 Appleton, Horse Isle.Vole Hole #3 Treeton, Horse Isle.Vole Hole #4 Tail End, Tail Isle.Vole Hole #5 Art Isle.Vole Hole #6 Cantle Meadows, Saddle Isle.Well I know Vole Hole #1 is southwest of Earton.Vole Hole #2 is like, by the horse leasing place in Appleton.Vole Hole #3 is northeast of Treeton, above the forest.I don't know where the rest are, check later.

What colour is a vole?

The color of a vole is brown or grey. The underside is white.

Where does the arctic vole live?

arctic vole live in arctic habitat!!

What type of consumer is a vole?

A vole is a herbivore, which makes it a secondary consumer.

How many pages does Vale of the Vole have?

Vale of the Vole has 324 pages.

How do leprechauns be trap?

You have to be quick and hold them tight. Don't let go, they will give you their gold if you make them. You can make your own trap, or use the trap off of the game Mouse Trap.

How can you make a trap to capture fairies?

you can make your own trap and think how to make it, but be careful fairies can be pretty tricky

What other words can you make out of love?

Vole is the only I see, perhaps others will have more for you.

Is a vole an omnivore?

yes, a vole is a omnivore like many other mice.

Where in Africa can the African vole be found?

African vole can be found in Coastal Libya.

What is a Vole animal?

A vole is a small rodent, slightly bigger than a mouse.

What is a meadow vole?

a meadow vole is a herbivore that lives mostly in tall grass

How do you do vole hole 3?

Check out the vole hole guides in the link below.

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