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well cats purr when there are happy most of the time but some people have said that cats purr when they are in pain too but anyways if you want to make your cat purr when its happy just make it happy!

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โˆ™ 2009-09-03 18:17:34
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Q: How do you make a cat purr?
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Why does your cat not purr?

your cat does not purr because it is not happy

What sound does a cat make when happy?

A happy or contented cat will purr.

What is 'purr'?

I think you mean "purr". That's a noise that the cat makes.

What do you do if your cat doesn't purr?

Not all cats purr its okay

Are there any games where you can make your own cat?

Purr Pals, for the Nintendo DS

Do tigers purr?

Yes, Tigers do purr. However, unlike the domestic cat, who purr when breathing in or out, Tigers only purr when exhaling.

What is the only big cat that wont purr?

The cheetah cannot purr.

What is the largest cat that can purr?

From what I understand from the discovery channel, the largest cat that has the ability to purr is the Puma or Mountain Lion.

How many times a day will a cat purr?

well if a cat is happy all day it will purr a lot but it depends

When a cat is contented it?

When contented, most cats purr. But not all cats purr! And when a cat is in pain, it can also start purring.

Why can't you wear your cat as a fashion statement?

Cats do NOT make "purr-fect" fashions!

How do you get your cat to meow?

To play with it ... it will purr :)

Do lions and tigers purr like domestic cats do?

all members of the cat family purr because they are part of the cat family.

How can you tell when a cat is happy or sad?

Usually your cat will purr.

Garfield the cat eats what brand of cat food?


Do cats purr to other cats?

It really depends on the type of cat and their personality etc. The mood as well. If a cat is angry with another cat, what will it do? - hiss and snarl. It can purr for affection to another cat.

Why doesn't my cat purr?

Cats only purr when they are happy. Some are quiet when they do. Listen closely.

Is the lion the only big cat that can purr?

my dick can purrAs I know, cheetahs and cougars are the only big cats that can purr. Lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars cannot purr.

What is cat's purr syndrome?

There is no illness that causes a cat to purr. Cats purr when they are happy, content, and socialized. This includes non domesticated cats.

What does a purr probably means?

Contentment in a cat.

What is the sound of cat?

Meow Purr Hiss

You like to sit by the fire and purr?


What is an onomatopoeia for a cat?


What is purr?

the sound made by a happy cat

Why do cats need to be comfortable to purr?

cats purr because they are happy and like their situation, and being comfortable is a happy situation, so the cat will purr.