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If you have never written a research paper with an introduction, thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion, it can be kind of hard to explain how to make a conclusion. Briefly I will say that you begin the research paper (essay) being creative and artsy so, too, with the conclusion you will end the research paper being creative and artsy. The introduction and thesis statement at the beginning of the paper needs to grab the reader and make the reader want to read the paper.

The conclusion can/should look a little like the introductory paragraph. With the conclusion, you kind of restate the thesis statement and wrap up with a very brief summary of what you have written in the research paper. Once again, you need to apply some creativity when writing the conclusion.

A lot of people have opinions on how to write a good research paper. The Purdue Online Writing Center does a very good job on covering how to write a paper. The College and Career Library has some web pages devoted to help giving some helpful explanation on how to write a research paper including the introduction, thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion.

The person with the most important information on how the conclusion (or entire research paper) is to be written is your TEACHER. If you have any doubts, ask you teacher.

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You can answer it by starting with

Eg. Aim

To find out if the amount of light given to the plant affects the growth of it.

and your result is yes.

So you can say

IN conclusion, the amount of light affects the growth of the plant.

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it means that you draw what your hypthesis is and draw it like i think that..... and draw it

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Q: How do you make a conclussion of a research paper?
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