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How do you make a diesel car run on vegetable oil?


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2007-03-08 22:40:55
2007-03-08 22:40:55

search on "bio diesel" , its done but must be right. there is a lot of info about it on the net. Good Luck


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You could use vegetable oil to run your car IF it is a diesel. It is not necessarily greener than diesel fuel due to the energy used to produce and transport the vegetable oil.

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Soybeans, vegetable oil,Soybeans, vegetable oil,

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Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Vegetable oil, Steam, & Electricity.

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Vegetable oil will solidify at low temps, lower than diesel. There are anti-gel products for diesel in really cold weather. Not sure if they would work for veg. oil.

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