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There is no possible way to duplicate a fake Santa hat in Runescape.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-13 13:45:04
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Q: How do you make a fake santa hat in RuneScape?
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Can you make santa hat on runescape?


What is the Santa hat code in runescape?

There is no Santa Hat code in RuneScape.

How do you get a free Santa hat in runescape?

you cannot obtain a free Santa Hat, in RuneScape anymore.

Can you make a santa hat in RuneScape?

Nope, If things were have simple they wouldn't cost around 20m odd.

How can you get a free Santa hat in RuneScape?

You can also borrow a Santa hat from a different player, but you won't get to keep it forever. know you have to buy sorry inless you find out how to hack someones runescape account

How do you make a santa hat in runescape?

have your kids come down stairs while saying "SANTA'S ON THE ROOF" then throw the hat up in the chimney, then when your kids get in the living warm they'll see the hat fall down, then they'll be surprised!

Does anyone have a santa hat for spyfoxfire on RuneScape?

Please stop begging, and earn your own money on RuneScape.

Can you make a party hat in RuneScape?

No, you cannot make partyhats in RuneScape.

How do you get a free partty hat or santa hat in runescape?

There is no way to, you have to buy it from another player or on the Grand Exchange.

RuneScape santa hat?

Yes, very expensive item that was released on Christmas 2001 at the runescape first Christmas event.

How do you make a Santa hat on the keyboard?

How to make a santa hat in different ways... o<] o<|

In RuneScape how do you make a partyhat?

Unfortunately, you cannot make a Party Hat (of any colour). They were given out when RuneScape first came out.

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