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I have been trying to make a webshow with my friend and I found a few websites. Just look up 'make free webshows' on Google and click on a couple links to see which works for you. Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2009-01-14 01:46:15
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Q: How do you make a free kids webshow?
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Do it cost to make a webshow?

Its Likely you will have to pay for your own website with the Webshow, You could visit a Website Like BlogTV and have a Live Webshow there for free!

Can kids make their own web show for free?

it depends how long the webshow is, if longer than 30 minutes then it will prob cost somethin

Which website do you use to get a free website which you can make a webshow on?

go to

How do you make a live webshow?

You could use it's free and sign up for a free account and get crackin.

Can you make a webshow on weebly?

I dont think you can, You can use BlogTV or Ustream to make a live webshow!

How do you make a webshow for kids?

One way is by going to and making one there you don't even need a web cam

How do you make a webshow with a bad quality camera?

Just use a different camera for your webshow.

How do you make a blog or a free website with the ability to make a live webcast? is good. I have a webshow on there... also, type in in google, and then you can get a domain for it!

Where do you go to make your own free webshow like icarlycom?

Well to say you have many choices.Though I would strongly recomend because I made my own webshow and I got so many viewers quickly.

What is the best website on which to produce a WebShow?

YouTube plus it is Free.

How do you make your own webshow?

I run a LIVE webshow by myself. And it is not that hard.. You will need: A webcam (good one about: $50) A account* (FREE) A website ((FREE)optional) Just set up with livestream and your good to go. The limit it 50 users at a time, but you can verify your channel to get unlimited.

How can you make a webshow like iCarly for free and for ten years old?

Make the video, put it on, make a website at, put the embed code of your video on your website.

How much does it cost to make a web-show?

It doesn't cost anything to make a webshow. The only thing you need to pay for is a video camera and props if you need them. If you wanted to make a whole site for your webshow then it will cost some money, try blogTV. I'm pretty sure they do it for free (I think)

You are a kid how do you create your own webshow?

Make A website

How can you make a webshow like iCarly? you can do it live

Can you make a live webshow on freewebs?,

Do you do the webshow on this website?

No,you do a webshow at

How can you make a live webshow on a free site?

You first have to make the web show and upload it into your computer If you use a free website such as there is a special button for videos and you can upload videos on to the website Or if you want it LIVE Go to

What is the world's coolest webshow?

the tori and shelbi show or over att it is a great webshow and awsome. caution: might make you gassy

Has anyone heard of cak?

Yes! Of Course! Cak is a awsome webshow! Unfortunately the Cak webshow is not working due to circuit power. Cak is a funny webshow for kids and young teens. It stars Abby ( thinks she is fab), Kaylee (athletic & smart) and Claire (Weird and Goth) .

Can you make a webshow with a webcam?

Yes... its fairly easy actually.

What age can you be to make a webshow?

10 and up 10 and up

How did Carly make iCarly?

Carly made iCarly when she and Sam were asked to find talent for the talent show. She realized that the kids with cool talents were not getting in so she decided to make a webshow called iCarly.

How do you do a web show for free like iCarly?

Simply go to I am not spamming but there you can host a free website and yes you can do a webshow

Is there any sites that you could make your on webshow?

Yes I think you could make it in you tube