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I have been trying to make a webshow with my friend and I found a few websites. Just look up 'make free webshows' on Google and click on a couple links to see which works for you. Good luck!

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βˆ™ 2009-01-14 01:46:15
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Q: How do you make a free kids webshow?
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Kids can make their own funniest free webshow?


Do it cost to make a webshow?

Its Likely you will have to pay for your own website with the Webshow, You could visit a Website Like BlogTV and have a Live Webshow there for free!

Can kids make their own web show for free?

it depends how long the webshow is, if longer than 30 minutes then it will prob cost somethin

Which website do you use to get a free website which you can make a webshow on?

go to

How do you make a live webshow?

You could use it's free and sign up for a free account and get crackin.

Can you make a webshow on weebly?

I dont think you can, You can use BlogTV or Ustream to make a live webshow!

How do you make a webshow with a bad quality camera?

Just use a different camera for your webshow.

How do you make a webshow for kids?

One way is by going to and making one there you don't even need a web cam

How do you make a blog or a free website with the ability to make a live webcast? is good. I have a webshow on there... also, type in in google, and then you can get a domain for it!

What is the best website on which to produce a WebShow?

YouTube plus it is Free.

Where do you go to make your own free webshow like icarlycom?

Well to say you have many choices.Though I would strongly recomend because I made my own webshow and I got so many viewers quickly.

How much does it cost to make a web-show?

It doesn't cost anything to make a webshow. The only thing you need to pay for is a video camera and props if you need them. If you wanted to make a whole site for your webshow then it will cost some money, try blogTV. I'm pretty sure they do it for free (I think)

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