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How do you make a girl horney?

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August 12, 2010 7:26AM

the best way i find is to rub your hands on the back and sides and gentily tickle her tummy just above her belt. Also playing with her boobs and nipples can really send some girls wild. stroking the leg is also good if u vary where your stroking and every now and again stoke further up her thigh or over her crotch area

Say you are younger and are in school and you are trying to make a girl horney, the best way then is to talk about yourself. Like if you are really good friends just talk about your penis. For example say "my penis is really annoying right now." Or if you see that one girl you like, and you are a guy start talking to another guy right in front of her and talk about your dick. she might have a weird look on her face but inside she won't stop thinking about your penis.

do her hard and dont stop till she cummin out her eyeballs