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How do you make a girl like you?

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It depends on the girl and how you act.

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How do you make a boy not like the girl you like?

Type your answer here..make another cute girl like him then make the girl say i like you

How do you make a girl like you after you told her secrets to another girl and the girl you told the girl you like and now the girl you like hates you?

ha-ha! you said " How do you make a girl like you after you told her secrets to another girl and the girl you told the girl you like and now the girl you like hates you?" .... well i said that you need to just tell her that you have done wrong and you will make it up to her somehow. and if she doesn't except that then oh well ... dude just move on!

How can you help make a girl like you more easily?

you cannot make a girl like you!!! the way girls work are very mysterious. if this girl is worth it then she will notice that you like her and she will like you back.

Can you make a girl fancy you when she dosen like you?

______________________________________________________________ You can't make a girl fancy you. What you can do is become friends. Just be yourself. If she doesn't like you like that then try to start a friendship because that would make the girl see who you really are.

How do you make a girl laughing?

A way you can make her laugh is by making jokes like how does an elephant come out of the water ? wet, hahaa . if you like this girl then make her laugh and say nice thigs to her like your beautiful or your an amazing girl.

How do you make a girl like you if she don't like you even if you nice?

TO make a girl like you,you have to get out of the Friend Zone, because if you don't, she will only see you as a friend.

How do you get a girl to think about you?

make her like you

How do you make a girl like you if they think your creepy?

Quit being creepy ! And by the way you can't "make" a girl like you- either she will or she won't

How To Get A Girl To Really Like You?

if u like a girl go to the girl and tell her u like her, never try to make a girl like u because that relationship wont work out

How do you make a 2nd grade girl like you?

ask the girl are there any reasons that you like a boy

How do girls make boys like them?

A girl can't MAKE a boy like her, but the best thing a girl can do is to be herself. That way, when a girl does meet a boy that likes her, he will like her for who she really is and that will make the girl very happy inside. Or if you were to like make the boy like you he would probably not think of you as you realy are i like a boy named Andy and im not a shy gurl but he likes shy gurls:(

How do you make your voice sound like a girl?

well, it helps to be a girl.

What kind of girls do russy simmons like?

Russy simmons like a girl that can make him laugh someone that can make him happy a girl that can be indpened a girl that can treat him right a girl that likes football danceing singing playing basketball and that is buttiful i kind of girl like me .

How do you make a guy like an aggressive gothic like girl?

You cant make anyone like anyone

How to make the girl of your dreams like you?

Make her laugh and smile.

How can you make a girl that you like like you back?

first of all, from being a girl teen myself, and from experience, you cant make someone like you, you have to let them like who they want to like and just be friendly

How can you make use of snakes' skin?

you can make it into a dress like i did you will like it if you are a girl make it into a dress

How do you make a girl hang onto you like a magnet?

make your self look fit and attractive and make her laugh and do a lolt of flirting trust me that's what i like and i am a girl...

How do you get a girl that doesent like you like you?

flirt with her or get a make over

What should you wear to make a guy like you?

Just look like a girl & dress like a girl. They'll find you.

How do you make the girl you like make out with you?

"Make her?" Shackle her and threaten her with a wet noodle.

How do you make a shy girl like you?

Get to know her

How can a girl make a boy like her?

Be easy.

How do you get a Spanish girl to like you?

Make food.

How do you make love with Chinese girl?