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You can't make someone feel a certain way. All you can do is be nice to her and be her friend. If she still has feelings for you, she will realize it. If she doesn't then she's not going to regret breaking up with you. Give yourself some time to grieve the relationship and if she doesn't change her mind within that time frame then move on and try to meet other girls. Breaking up is never easy but if you try to win someone back by sending letters or flowers or other things it wont work. It can sometimes make girls feel like you are stalking them and they turn against you even more. So give her space and tell her you want to be friends and just let her know you will be there for her if she needs a friend.

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ok, listen- wanting someone to feel guilty for breaking up with you is WRONG!! instead, of trying to make her feel bad, like the person mentioned above meX2, you could tlk to her and make her feel special. that way, ur not making her feel guilty, but more making her feel wanted and therefore, she will realise what a nice person you were. this will make her appreciate the fact that that you are a kind, honest and caring person who respects her. i don't know why you two broke up, but nevertheless, respect her decision. my only advice is that you show your respect and your loving and caring side. she will feel happy and good about herself that way! remember- don't make her feel guilty, make her feel special; that way, she will understand that you are an amazing guy! :) gd luck, remember not to be too clingy or forceful. she will defintely not regret breaking up with you if you show her your nasty or disrespectful. hope this helps!! :) ppjj8

start talking to her mom.....or her sister

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Q: How do you make a girl regret breaking up with you?
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When was Breaking Up the Girl created?

Breaking Up the Girl was created in 2020-04.

What should I do if I have broken up with my boyfriend I regret it and he's moving in 4 days?

Consider how you feel about him, many people regret breaking up with someone, but it all depends on what you want for yourself

How do you say goodbye on the phone to a girl?

pretend the line is breaking up and say "the line is breaking up the line is breaking up we are breaking up" then hang up

Can you fall back in love with a ex?

yes. if you still have feelings for them. and who knows...mabye they will regret breaking up with you!!

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Will your ex regret breaking up with you after living together for a month when you did a lot for him?

only when he needs someone to cook and clean for him.

What hurts a guy more?

breaking up with a girl.

Is regret the same as atonement?

No. When you regret something you wish you hadn't done it. Atonement is doing something to make up for wrongdoing.

What is the worst thing about breaking up with a Japanese girl?

I'm not sure how this is any different then breaking up with any other person.

What is the difference between breaking things up and breaking up with your girlfriend?

well breaking things means your tearing things apart. breaking up with your girl friend means you guys are no longer in a mental nor physical relationship

Does a guy regret braking up with a girl that he said he loved a lot?

If you were a jerk, she will not. If you were nice, then maybe she will.

How do you forget a past girlfriend that you see every day and the more you see her the more regret you have for breaking up with her?

If you want her back talk to her. if you regret how things ended, talk to her so that you can end things on a good note.

You really like this girl but you are going out with this other girl that is nice but you like the other girl more what do you do?

If you really love the other girl, break up with your current girlfriend and go with the other one. However before you do that you have to make very sure you won't regret breaking up with your current girlfriend. Is that other girl really what you want? Can you see a future with her more than a future with your current girlfriend? Will she even want to go out with you? Is she worth dumping your current girlfriend? Or does she maybe only seem interesting right now? If you're really sure you're better off with the other girl, then break up with your girlfriend.

Ex ended relationship but keeps contacting why?

It means he/she still has feelings for you and might want to get back with you.He/she may regret breaking up with you.

How does a girl make a boy love her?

make-up, make-up, make-up, perfume, perfume, perfume, sway a lot, sway a lot, sway a lot, smile, smile, smile.... though your heart is aching, smile even though it's breaking....

Would you rather go out with a girl with no make up or a girl with make up?

A girl with no make up and her real hair no matter what is going on

Breaking up with a girl?

Just simply do it. Be honest and tell them the truth

What is the cost of breaking up a relationship with girlfriend?

No more relationship with that girl.

What is the hardest thing about breaking up with a girl?

The actual break up it self and then moving on without them.

What to do if a girl likes you but brakes up with you over and over?

If she keeps breaking up with you she is probably not the girl for you. she maybe dosent like you. but if your sure talk to her.

I like a girl but she has a boy?

If you fight for her she will either think you are mean or she will consider breaking up with the guy, it depends on what kind of girl she is. If she is closer to girly girl, she will think you are mean. If she is closer to tom boy, she will consider breaking up. Be around her as much as you can, and ANY chance to get them to break up, you need to take it!!

How do you make a guy regret breaking up with you?

Move on and do better next time. Coming into a huge amount money usually would do it but being generally more successful or getting a more attractive / committed partner will also work.

How do you make an ex boyfriend regret cheating on you?

You can make him stand in front of the whole class. And then speak up about how he cheated on you.

How do you console a girl from breaking up?

You tell her what she wants to hear and tell her that you will do better.:)

How do you get a guy to like you when you broke his heart twice and tried to ruin the relationship he is currently in?

ou tell himu regret breaking up with and tell him u love him