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MarisaMichelle) Don't go gaga over him . . . how old are you .I have a crush on my best friends brother.But I never hang out with him. So I am going to go over to his house tomarrow and just hang out with him. You should try that . . . and if your not allowed to go to a boy's house start talking to him then eventually get his myspace.and his number .You are sure to becaome BF ang GF it just takes time! GOOD LUCK !

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Are Ryan ross and brendon urie still friends?

Yes, but they arent as close as they were.

What to say to girl when you thought you were close friends I want to apologize like a gentlemen.?


What do you do when a girl you like is dating your friend?

it depends if you guys are close friends or not: If you are FORGET IT , its not worth your friendship or time. If you arent tell her how you feel...... Mostly likely the better choice is , choice one

Is Emily procter and jorja fox close friends?

Old close friends

Who are Andrew Carnegie's close friends?

Andrew Carnegie was close friends with Mark Twain and Herbert Spencer. He was also close friends with Matthew Arnold.

Are Jennette mcurdy and Miranda Cosgrove friends?

yes, they are not close close friends but they are cool almost best friends.

What is the action called when you close a window because you notice rain is falling?

The action when you close a window because you notice rain is falling is called a response.

If niece is 16 and has bad friend what should you do?

well.. just talk to her.. get close to her.. and find out things.. maybe she has a good reason to be there friends.. but if ur really worried all you can do is talk to her.. and see what she sais.. if you know for a fact her friends are NOT good for her then talk to her parents.. they need to tell her the consequences of having those kind of friends.. and sometimes those so called friends arent real friends.

What parts of speech is close in the sentence They were close friends?

Close is an adjective.

Nicknames for Kristin?

sometimes my close friends call me kris.. sometimes my close friends call me kris..

What is mutual friends on facebook?

Mutual friends are friends you and someone else have in common. usually if someone tries to friend me and i dont know them i check their mutual friends to find out if they are close friends with my close friends to see if its safe.

Who are close friends with mindless behavior?

They are close friends with willow smith,Justin Bieber,Grayson Chance and Diggy

How do you get close friends and how do you get them to like you?

You get close friends by meeting people and staying in contact with them constantly. For them to like you, you must be yourself.

Who was close friends with Cleopatra?

one of Cleopatra closest friends was Olympus an soon-to-be physician. She trusted him with all her secrets and so did he. They were close friends since childhood.Another one is Theophilus a friend but not as close as Olympus.

Is Emily Osment and Selena Gomez friends?

They are friends but not close.

Is Vanessa Hudgens friends with Emily osment?

they are not close friends

Are miley and 1D friends?

yes they are very close friends

How do you get rid of your star friends on facebook?

"Star" friends are known as "Close Friends". To take a friend off of your "Close Friends" list, go to your News Feed page. On the left hand side, if you don't see "Close Friends" in the options, find the 'more' option near the bottom. Click it and "Close Friends" should show up. Click "Close Friends" and on the right of that page you will see "On this List." Click "See All" and if you hover your mouse over a friend's picture, an 'X' should show up. By clicking it, you can delete that person from your "Close Friends" list.

Are American girl dolls real?

no they arent they just close and open their eyes so dont be scared!

Is waka flocka gucci manne brother or cousin?

No they arent related.. Gucci is a close friend of the family

Does Chums mean friends?

Yes, chums means friends, sometimes close friends

What does keep your friends close but your enemies even closer?

Keep your friends close and enemies closer means to keep your friends close to you but keep your enemies closer because you have to keep an eye on them. That's just what i think

How do you get a sixth grade guy to notice you?

AnswerJust be yourself that will probably attract him if not then he probably doesn't like you be the one to make the first move. Don't forget become really close friends first.

How can I make friends with this person and be in her squad There is one girl constantly hovering over her but they close so how do I get close to this person without getting too close to this girl?

There is no way you can do this. As long as you get close to the girls, you also get close to the friends.

Is Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson girlfriend?

no, they're just close friends they used to be close friends, now they are dating.