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Obviously you would never want someone to be "obsessed" with you. That's just a scary situation. But if you're asking how to keep your guy's attention and have him always want to be around you...that's an easier, and simple answer. DON'T NAG! That's a huge issue with guys. Just be cool with him doing his thing and make sure you always do your thing. BE AN INDIVIDUAL! Guys love girls that have their own life. AND BE CONFIDENT! Nothing is sexier than confidence on a woman. Why would a guy have to go anywhere else if you've made it pretty clear that you're pretty awesome. Not in a snotty way, but in an "I'm not worried about you leaving me" kind of way. Know what I mean?

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Is Mariah Carey the guy in obsessed?

yes, she did play the "stalker" in her music video "Obsessed".

Who is the person who is obsessed with Maria Carey?

A guy.

Why can a guy get obsessed with a girl?

She Stole the Heart

What do you do if your best friend is obsessed with her boyfriend?

you shouls talk with your friend and see whats going on. And if she is obsessed you have to make a decision between her and the guy. I would go with my friend because there are other fish in the sea.

Should a guy play hard to get?

Only if shes obsessed with you !!

How do you know if a guy is obsessed with you from a previous relationship?

Block your comumcation with them

How do you talk to a guy that you think likes you?

become obsessed with him, that will turn him on

What do you call a guy who is fascinated and obsessed with muscular girls?

Heterosexual :)

When a guy is obsessed with you and stalks you to work and cannot keep his eyes off you would getting muscles scare him away?

no, if your a girl, it will make him horny.

Who is the guy in Naruto who is obsessed with youth?

Might Guy. Also known as the noble green beast of konoha ^^)

What does it mean when you dream of a guy giving you a purpple rose?

you're obsessed with the guy and probably color blind.

Can you love a guy amd be obsessed over him If you are obsessed over someone how do you get over it?

Yes,also if you are obessed with a guy and want to get over it think of all the other guys out there mabye hes just not "the one"

What do you do if your best guy friend knows you like him but he doesn't realize you are obsessed?

tell him how you feel and maybe he will understand things better about you being obsessed.

What cafe is the guy with he tickets in?

He's in that wierd free internet cafe. He's the guy obsessed the video game

Who was the guy who was obsessed with ella rhina?

michael earles he got charged and sentenced

Is Mariah Carey a guy?

No way. She plays one in her music video "Obsessed"

How do you know when a guy is obsessed with a girl?

he'll keep looking at her and is often shy

Can you love a guy and be obsessed over him?

yeah but that's generally not the post healthy love

What would you call a guy who likes to talk about his muscles a lot?

Arogant or self obsessed.

What do you do when a guy tells people you and your best friend are obsessed with him when your not?

What I would do would be, confront him. Tell him you are not obsessed with him, but nicely as possible. He probably just feels insecure, and is trying to use this as a think to make him feel better. If it doesn't really bother you, just go with it. If it does, just do what I said earlier.

What if a guy you liked now despises you because people told him you were obsessed with him?

find a new guy and show it off to this old, lame one

What do you do if your friend likes this guy but you like him too and she has been really obsessed and you have a lot in common with him what do you do?

Talk about it.

If a guy calls you on the phone a lot does that mean that he likes you?

either you are really good mates or he is obsessed with you.

Why are you Obsessed with a guy?

He is easygoing with a wry sense of humor and treats me like im very important.

What does obessed by Mariah Carey mean?

In the song she's talking about a guy who's obsessed/stalking her.

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